Mordecai’s decisions

Posted: June 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

Read >Esther 8 – 10

And the king took off his ring, which he had taken from Haman, and gave it unto Mordecai. And Esther set Mordecai over the house of Haman – (Est. 8:2).

God had used Mordecai greatly. The course of events of his life had placed him in situations where he could make great differences in the world around him. Mordecai could have decided to go in various different directions in his life. God chose a man that would choose to walk down a godly path.

One of the early decisions Mordecai made would change his life forever. He did the moral and godly thing in taking in his orphan cousin and raising her as his daughter. His adoption of Esther was a decision that had an impact on his life for years to come.

Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thy heart: So shalt thou find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man (Prov. 3:3-4).

The next choice Mordecai made would change Esther’s life forever. King Ahasuerus was seeking a new queen. He had put Queen Vashti away for disobedience to the king’s orders. There was a call for young women to come before the king so he could select a new queen. Esther was brought to the palace. The Lord had His blessings on her. The king loved her and made her his new queen. The Lord blesses those who are obedient to Him.

Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise blessing; knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing (I Pet. 3:9).

Mordecai’s next choice changed the life of King Ahasuerus in that he saved his life. Two of the king’s servants were angry with him to the point they wanted to attack and maybe even kill him. Mordecai heard these threats, and he could have chosen to ignore them. After all, this king held his people captive. He did the right thing in telling Esther so she could warn the king. The servants were hung for their crime before having a chance to harm the king.

But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you (Matt. 5:44).


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