Eternal Judgement, Misconceptions and the things your Pastor didn’t tell you

Posted: May 1, 2017 in Arise and Shine, Da Grace Race, Dairy of a Freeman, Family, The Grind Theorem, Touchstone

Charles Isidi @i_am_pixelhub

Paul was saying in Hebrews 6 that let us leave these foundations of Christianity and grow into perfection. These basic principles are…
1. Repentance from dead works,

2. Faith Towards God,

3. Laying on of hands

4. Baptisms,

5. Resurrection from the dead,

6. Eternal Judgment.

If Paul insists that we grow above these basics, it’s scary that Christians are still battling with these basics, so I’ll clear some doubts.

Comedians make these things funny, they say when the trumpet sounds, we will form a queue in heaven and everyone will be judged. As beautiful as that sounds, it’s a flipping lie. Let’s do this, one at a time, this post is me gathering my thoughts.


The book of life is Jesus. I will explain, don’t be quick to throw stones. Lool. The reference is in scriptures. In Romans, scripture says “There is therefore now no condemnation for those that are IN CHRIST JESUS”  THIS WASNT THE FIRST TIME THOUGH…  As far back as Noah, even earlier, CHRIST HAS BEEN THE COVERING NOT REVEALED. Remember Adam and Eve? and God killed a lamb to clothe them? The ark itself was Jesus, why did it have one  door? Scripture says… “I am the WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER…”

Something I found… When the ark rocked and Noah rocked, he didn’t fall out the ark, he remained in the ark… “IN CHRIST JESUS”. That goes to explain the Romans 8:1 scripture… “There is therefore now no condemnation for they that are IN CHRIST JESUS.”
In Revelations 20, scripture talks of those that will go to hell, they are “Death, Hades and Anyone whose name is not found in THE BOOK”
There is a lot I want to clarify, I hope I remember it all.

So the way the new testament runs, once you are in Christ Jesus, He has no records of your wrongs. This is evident in Hebrews 10 or 12… “your sins and lawless deeds, I shall remember no more”. I am sure I have made this clear in one of the older threads, Christ has no records of your sins once you are in him. You know why?

The answer is in 3 John 1 “I write this unto you that you do not sin, but if Ye do, you have an advocate, Christ Jesus the Righteous”. As I like to say, this is not a license to sin. Christ even told his disciples “the one who is forgiven more will love me more” So you see?

So, back to eternity judgment, there are four types, but I’ll focus on 2.

1. Judgment seat of Christ

2. The Great white throne judgment

The most boring of them is the Great white throne judgment and it is for those that don’t believe in Christ and this is not my type. Christ in this judgment will judge like a consuming fire and send to hell those who didn’t believe in him. Here He will use the popular phrase we love… Lol. “go away from me, I know Ye not”

So away from the boring stuff!
You know how people think there will be a projector and God will show your sins and all that… He doesn’t remember your sins. There’s No wayyyyyyyyyyy  you are paying for your sins again, the lawyers know… You can’t go to jail for a sin you already served jail time for.
At the Judgment Seat of Christ, this is for those who believed in him. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BELIEVE, that’s all that qualifies you. Now, the big difference here is, this judgment is to reward with crowns those who have faithfully served. So there is a possibility of going to heaven and not receiving a crown because all you did was believe.
So this answers people’s “can I believe and not do anything? Question” Yes you can, you will go to heaven but nothing for you. Lol… But you are in heaven no doubt.

So scripture talks a lot about your “labor of love” he puts his emphasis on love because it is the greatest…

Here’s what.

So everyone’s work will be tested in the fire of love. By this every “good work” done in Christ Jesus will be tested in the flames. This is a symbolism of as far back as Cain and Abel, let me not dwell on this.

So when a work was done in love, you earn a reward for it.
Okay maybe just a little.

Look at the sacrificing in Solomon’s temple, the smoke goes up, The flame in the temple wasn’t lit by man. Ask a Jew.

There are five rewards.

  1.  Crown of Life
  2. Crown of Glory
  3. Crown of Rejoicing
  4. Crown of Righteousness
  5. The incorruptible crown.

I will share the prerequisites of receiving each crown.

Hope you are not tired… Just stay with me closely. I will buy you coldstone ice cream


This is the Martyrs’ crown, its for those who gave their life for Christ or lived for Christ even in the face of death. You know popular names that will have this crown, let me not mention before someone comes for me. (Lol)

Second is the


This is the overseers crown. It is for those who have looked after and cared for the flock of Christ. Yet again, I will call my daddies, come and beat me, am in my house.. Apostle Joshua Selman, Amb. Emmanuel Ohis, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, Rev. Biodun Fatoyinbo, Pastor Todd Wagner and Archbishop Benson Idahosa.

There’s more oh… The CROWN OF GLORY isn’t just for daddy GOs, its for people who have led Christian groups in whatever capacity even Sunday school teachers. So I get this crown too. Yay! Great that you know.

Third is the


This is for those that have won souls to Christ. Evangelists and people who make twitter and Social media threads on the Gospel like this. It is called the crown of rejoicing because angels actually rejoice when souls are won. So if you’ve actively won a soul, this is yours.

Fourth is the


This is for those who lived in purity and in the hope of Christ’s glorious return. I’d explain… So for the everyday people who are not sin conscious but don’t let sin get the best of them, this crown is yours, our priests and nuns.

The fifth is the


And it is for those that have disciplined themselves in Godly living.
Now I am done.

So there will be no queues at the pearly gates, there will be nobody using your name to enter heaven, all those things are crap. So like I said, some folks will go to heaven but without rewards. So you gotta choose what you want and there’s nothing scary about judgment.



Have a Nice Day.


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