I’ll start with my parable of a little boy from a poor home. one day playing in the woods, he found a precious stone, he loved it dearly. He couldn’t take it home for the many questions his poor parents would ask. So at the end of each day playing with it, he would bury it. The next day, he would set out early, dig up the stone, go to the nearby stream, wash it up, play with it till evening and bury it again. He was soon getting fatigued at the route he had to take every day just to play with something he loved. So he found a beautiful way out.

You will found out at the end of this thread what the brilliant young boy’s solution was. So here goes what God has been to us forever. 

God has never been mad at you, never was, never will be. But you are too scared to accept the reality that you are loved unconditionally. God’s covenant with Abraham was independent of Abraham’s actions. In blessing, I will bless you… Abraham had no part in the covenant. Years down, his descendants, Israel are on the march out of Egypt, note there was no ten commandments, so how did God deal with Israel? Pure Grace, he did good for evil unto them because he loved them. But as with all things good and undeserved, the Israelites were sceptical. Like we do: “At what point does my sin become too much of an issue with God?” “shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?” sad

The Israelites shot themselves in the foot and told God “all that you command of us, we are willing and able to do” The consequence…? They had just told God, do to me according to my own works, I don’t want to be loved unconditionally, I want my love to be measured. The Israelites wanted God to deal love unto them on a performance basis. It saddened God. His nature is love and He deals it in abundance. Before this time, their clothes & sandals grew on them, when they asked for food he gave them manna. When they complained about manna, saying “Oh Lord what is this worthless bread” God didn’t say see these ingrates and kill them, nope,  He gave them Quail. Isn’t His love pure? All that changed when the law came, you do good, you get good, you do bad, you get beat. The wrath of God was unveiled. They demanded it.

God couldn’t hold out on anger that long so he did what only he could. God became man, and made a covenant with God on behalf of men. So as you see again, as with Abraham, man didn’t have a contribution to the covenant, because HE DOESN’T NEED YOU TO LOVE YOU! The law in itself is a stumbling block, Christ said this to the Pharisees. Notice something in the way he addressed the teachers of law… Christ called Pharisees “Brood of Vipers” that the law has blinded them. Paul said in Romans “where there is no law, there is no sin”. Some “My Pastor said” Christians will say “But Jesus said, I didn’t come to abolish the law but to fulfil it”. Hmmmmmm

I will explain this now.

When you fulfil a thing, what does it mean? You satisfy the conditions in it and it is a done deal right? Let me get deeper for clarity. Lawyers on here know that you can’t punish someone twice for the same offence, even if you uncover new evidence. He is free, He is free. Hence, in the forgiveness of sins: Jesus hung on the cross like a common thief for you and I and screamed “it is finished” what did he mean? He meant: every punishment for sin, every condemnation, every sickness, has been fully paid for on the cross. He took it all on his body.

So Friends, what does “it is finished” mean to you? It means blow after blow after blow, Christ took all your punishments… And said…”… There remains no other sacrifice for sin”  Sin ended on the body of Jesus, believer, you are discharged, blameless and acquitted!!! Christ himself was the end of the law, why did the curtains of the temple tear open from top to bottom, The forgiveness of sins went in.

The law in itself is condemnation, look at the people that got healed in scriptures. they had to forego condemnation to be healed. A life of no condemnation is what we now call FAITH. Hence Christ always told those he healed… “Go, your faith has made you whole”. Put simply, Jesus meant: “thank you for coming out of the law, sin and condemnation, that’s the only way to get a taste of my pure love”.

I like to say it often but Christian apologetics hate me for this “the law was not made to be kept” Let me tell you why the law was made. The law was brought in so that the sin might increase. (Romans 5:20 NIV) I will tell you what this means. Remember the Israelites story? God made the law so that they would sin more and get burnt out, so that they would need a saviour: Jesus. The law was brought in so that man would come to the end of himself, be tired of keeping the laws and beg for a saviour, THE GRAND PLAN!

There were two people Jesus said had great FAITH in scriptures, they were the Syro-Phoenician woman and the Centurion, want to know why? They had one thing in common!!

Wait for it!!


I will wrap this up in a moment with the question “shall we continue in sin that grace may abound”

Let heavenly wisdom flood your heart

Paul wasn’t asking a question, he was repeating people’s popular question to him, like we do today. Paul’s answer is in the next verse…His answer was “God forbid, how can you who have died to sin live any longer in it” 

I will tell you what Paul means by God Forbid…

“God forbid” in this is context is “How can these things be?” Like: is that a question, it would be stupid and disrespectful to even answer. Paul was saying “Its impossible, you can’t live in sin, sin has been paid for, Christ is the end to sin and judgement, how can it be?” Paul even said to the Romans “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus” BELIEVERS, PLEASE BELIEVE!!!
People are quick to take me to 1 John  1. Let me show you what it means. Discern what parts of scripture is yours and which is not.


“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” (1 John 1:9)


“…that you don’t sin. But if anyone sins, we have an advocate with the Father—Jesus Christ, The Righteous one” (1 John 2:1)

Sons of God hear His voice.

Remember the boy at the beginning of the story? Here was what he did and he that blows my mind every time. He pegged the precious stone between two rocks inside the stream, so that he doesn’t have to dig up and wash every day. Beautiful stuff.

Believer, you are the pearl of great price, God was tired of digging you up and washing you every day, so he put you under his blood and washes you continually with his waterfall of forgiveness, his blood. Believer you are righteous once you have Jesus. It is a GIFT.

Now, “Grace has found you, Love will avail himself to you every step of the way”. The devil has no grip on you, the sacrifice on your life is an overpayment, be free of condemnation right this moment, YOU ARE FREE!!!

I Pray that GRACE AND PEACE be MULTIPLIED unto YOU. You will know the length, breadth and depth of God’s super abounding love for you. Grace will abound towards you so bountifully and tangibly that you will experience his love so thick like a mist. Grace will envelop you. GRACE HAS FOUND YOU.

Stay Blessed.

Charles Isidi @i_am_pixelhub


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