I saw it and I am still wondering what happened to our precious moon. It looked like it was scarred from a bloody fight with another planetary body. Then I remembered Sid Roth’s, Perry Stone’s and John Hagee’s Teaching on the #BloodMoon. I was in awe for some moments.

Coincidentally, My Senior Pastor, #Amb_Emmanuel_Ohis in yesterday’s Service, taught on “How to escape the Horrors of the Last Days”. He pointed vividly the Importance of:
1. Knowing God
2. Loving God
3. Serving God and
4. Fearing God

I guess He said it all. If we must escape the Horrors of our times, we must put God in the right place in our Lives. We must not just stop at Knowing that there is a God, we must LOVE, SERVE and FEAR Him. It’s not Rocket Science, it is that simple.

If nothing has hinted you of the era we are in, Let the #bloodmoon serve as one. It’s time to examine and re-examine yourself. Only the Righteous can truly escape the coming events. Check your ways, your conduct and your desires, if any isn’t Godly, change it. It’s not about being Religious but being Godly. The Lord wants you to Escape the coming Horrors, but you have to be willing to play by His rules.

The more the clock ticks, The more horrific the days will become. The only way out, is in God.



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