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Firstly, I hope Goodluck Jonathan had a great cup of coffee or whatever his enemies say he drinks as he watched Bukola Saraki sitting in the dock. That should be the price of disloyalty.

According to Dwight Eisenhower, there is a difference between honest dissent and disloyal subversion. Saraki subverted PDP.

If not for Saraki and the PDP Governors that decamped, APC would never have smelt the seat of power, so, I couldn’t care less, really. And I love what Steward Jonsen wrote: Who got into the dock first- Bukola or Jonathan?

Secondly, what PMB is doing is good for our democracy. Let people know they will account
for their actions- whether it happened in 2003 or 2013.

Thirdly, even though I’m fully in support of this prosecution, I also know this prosecution is a sincere persecution. We all know that if Saraki had belonged to the right side, the powers that be, would have conveniently forgotten that he ‘wrongly’ filled a form in 2003.
If he had worshipped at the temple of Asiwaju, his British passport would never have shown
up on Sahara Reporters. His case file would have gone missing the same way Fashola’s contract awards got missing on Lagos State’s website.

It is actually a witch hunt. The only difference is that Saraki may truly be a witch. So then, he has a choice to bow or to burn.

Fourthly, nothing is going to come out of this charade. It is simply a telenovela, a short-running soap full of intrigues and comedy. The
final episode has been written already. It’s a Nollywood film but it’s not going to be a block
buster. It will end similarly to AY’s dry and predictable ’30 days in Atlanta’. Many people will hiss the way I hissed after seeing the over-hyped movie.

If you think Saraki can be removed this way, perish the thought. Bukola Saraki is more
politically savvy than most people give him credit for. Be careful of the man who betrayed his father and sent him to political Siberia. The older Saraki never recovered. He went down to the grave in disbelief. The old fox was outfoxed.

Bukola is Absalom. Absalom cannot be killed by deceitful wiles or snares set by human beings. Absalom knows how to fight. Absalom had watched his father fight from when he was small. Absalom grew up with a spear in his hands. Those who should know said that Bukola Saraki sponsored either in part or whole those who are in the Senate for the first time- irrespective of party or regional affiliation. He has a bunch of serious loyalists and you could
see that in the number of people who followed him to the CCT. Even Kwara State was shut down.

Has it ever occurred to anyone why Saraki did not appear last Friday? It was not the fear of being docked or put in jail over the weekend- like so many erroneously thought. And I know
he knew the Appeal Court would not rule in his favour. But he needed time. To negotiate and
sort things out. And that is what he got between Friday and Tuesday when he appeared. Time! Time! So much happened between that Friday and Monday.

Head or tail, APC loses. If Saraki is booted out by chance, who heads the Senate? Ike Ekweremadu!

And this is the first time I’m seeing a party in power being in opposition to itself. There is nowhere APC can push Saraki
to- he belongs to them warts and all. APC cannot accept the good and reject the bad. He is their burden and responsibility and they must live with it.