Trained by Pain (Part 1)

Posted: June 28, 2015 in Arise and Shine, Da Grace Race, Dairy of a Freeman, Family, Help Line, The Grind Theorem, Touchstone

Often times we makes errors in live because we wanna fight for our right or take things that we deserve, but God has a way of training us from that Baby like state to a True Servant state. His training may be considered as painful to us but in the end it will all be worth it. Sometimes, God Himself turns the other way when trials and discomfort comes our way, or when we foolishly or ignorantly get ourselves into uncomfortable situations.

This is because, the Pain is meant for our Gain. in Luke 15:12 The younger son of the wealthy man used the statement “Give me what is mine”, but in Verse 19 when he came back to his sense, his Language became “make me”. As Believers in Christ our lives should be a life of servitude to both God and mankind just like the Younger Son on his return from the self-inflicted Pain training. The funny thing about it all is that each time we think we deserve and make requests, the proceeds are usually not lasting.

The gift of the father will eventually finish when taken outside the Father’s will and plans but when we return with a servant mindset, to serve the Father, there will be a consistent flow to us.

Now, I’m not disputing our right as Children of God to request from the Lord, the issue is that most of the time the requests we make is just for our own profiting but God’s plans is that we should be blessed so we can be a blessing. (That was his promise to Abraham our Father.) So that we can be of services to others.

When we deviate from this Plan, something drastic like a painful experience is needed to bring us back to our Senses. It could be A Pig Farm experience like the young Son or A prolong course in Animal Lifestyle like Nebuchadnezzar or something else.

The deal is, when you go through pain, use it to retrace your steps back to the place of the Father and the Father’s all sufficient Love will cover you.

Focus more on your Duties and Responsibilities as a Child of God rather than on your Rights. Trust me, God is not a debtor to anyone, He can’t owe you. If you execute your duties and live up to your responsibilities, it is a Law that you must be rewarded (Romans 4:4), but if you fail and keep looking on your rights, You may need to be Trained by Pain.


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