Ex-Boys in Arms (Poetry)

Posted: June 6, 2015 in Dairy of a Freeman, Entertainment, Naija Scene, Security, The Grind Theorem
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I’m an Ex-boy of the greatest Military School in the World.
When my peers were still playing with toys I was training with a loaded weapon.
When they were playing hide and seek I was learning Camouflage and Concealment.
When they were sleeping in thier beds I was laying Ambush in the forest.
When they were asking for guidance I was learning the four phases of war.
When they were trying to know the people in their neighbourhood, I already had blood brothers from all over Nigeria.

That’s why I know no matter what, come rain come shine, come Boko Haram, or whatever, Nigeria will hold on because their are thousands of my Blood brothers in the land who will always keep the peace and bond… no matter what.

Because Patriotism is part of their nature and our motto… DISCIPLINE, KNOWLEDGE AND PATRIOTISM…
is not just mere word but an integral part of our being. It is our Faith in our Fate.

Even before we were Teenagers, we vowed our Faith to Nigeria.
To the Supremacy of our Constitution.

Therefore, Whenever the clarion calls, Whatever the Price or Odds, There will always be an Exboy selflessly fighting for the Unity of the Nation.



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