No Vanquish in Niger Gubernatorial Elections

Posted: April 11, 2015 in Dairy of a Freeman, Family, Naija Scene, State House, The Grind Theorem

Today in Niger State…There will be no Vanquish.

The Leading candidates from the APC and PDP in the Gubernatorial race, are bounded by a cord that is tighter than the blood of Family-lines. Both men, Abubakar Lolo and Umar Nasko are products of the prestigious Nigerian Military School, thus, they are members of the Confraternity of the Ex-boys Corp. A group well known for her high level of espirit-de-corps and the unwritten decree of Strong brotherhood, has been widely proclaimed as the most non-frictional group of Military men and Technocrats. The rapport between members of the Ex-boys Corp is very high that one may mistake them for being tied to the same umbilical cord. In the group, personal interests or political interest are usually relegated to the background in pursuit of the common goals of tge Corps; whkch is to render services to the nation in whatsoever capacity for the betterment of the country. This interest is always showcased in the activities of the Ex-boys Associations and Foundation scattered around the Nations Tertiary institutions and States Capital.

There are instances where the younger crops of Ex-boys have singlehandedly embarked on community improving projects, just to better the lots of their immediate communities.

In the Spirit of Selflessness and Service to Humanity, All Ex-boys are answerable to the clarion call for a peaceful coexistence and development of individuals and communities, notwithstanding, demographical, Political, Social or Religious Differences. Hence, both Nasko and Lolo are bound by the unity in the group, which means that, whosoever wins the Elections will only just be representing the interest of the other. Both Candidates has been trained in the years in the Military School, in healthy competitions and how to embrace defeat, and this traits they have in turn passed down to their close supporters.

It’s surely going to be a dawn of tranquil political engagement in Niger state as The winner of the Elections won’t be any of the Candidates but the good people of Niger State. at this point it will be safe to say that the Losers in the Election will be the Political GodFathers who are aimlessly waiting to siphon the resources of the state through their stewards in political positions. This will be one case where they will be disappointed, because after being through the life-lasting rigorous training in the Military School, No one can bend an Ex-boy against his wish.

Hephzy Freeman


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