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KALANGU is the Hausa word for talking drums, it is used as a title of honour in the community which the artist Joy Charles has resided for the most part of her life.

Joy Charles is a gospel musician who hails from Agulu, Aniocha LG in Anambra state, she is married to Charles Igbasi and they are blessed with two lovely children.

Joy has a passion for worship and Gospel music and she is also very burdened about the welfare of Gospel artists in Nigeria. She has loved music from her childhood days but became more passionate in 2008 when she recorded an album but couldn’t release it due to certain constraints.

Joy Charles is back in the scene with this praise song titled KALANGU, the fuji song with an infusion of afro pop is sure going to move you around and get you dancing in praises to the most High God. In her Words, “the song is a testament to God for all he has being doing in our lives, also we bless God for all He’s doing for us as a nation”.

Please download, enjoy, be blessed and share with others.
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Project/Artist Managed by: Papasam Obadan @MyPapi101
Produced by: @ExzelExzel
Song Art Photography: @Realsoftlens.

For enquiries, bookings or any other productive reasons, Contact
Twitter: @MyPapi101 or @RealJCharles
Facebook: Joy Charles
Phone: +2348056576063, +2348036087512


Sometimes in December 2014, Precisely during Nigeria’s Largest Gospel music concert “The Experience”, we came accros Nigeria’s Gospel heavyweight, Frank Edwards and World renowned Praise and Worship Leader, Don Moen at the Backstage discussing about possibilities of a future collaboration. later that morning, Frank Admitted to the possibility of a remix to some of his very popular worship songs, “Nma nma” and “Changing Lives” to be done alongside other songs by Don Moen.


At first it felt like a long time dream, but we never knew the wait was only for a few months down the line.

Most recently both Ministers of the Gospel through music, have been spotted in the Studio, working on some new doses of Holy Ghost inspired music to the Glory of the Lord.

They are currently working on a five track EP to be released later this year. The pair released a short video of them working and talking about the collaboration.

The world renowned gospel artist and multiple award winner, Franklin Edwards, is a groundbreaking rock artist, gospel vocalist, songwriter and producer, and the CEO of Rocktown, whose works are
recognized the world over.

This is one project that will shake the music industry.

Everyone seems to be adopting the ‘conceding call’ trend introduced by President Goodluck
Jonathan weeks ago.

Hours ago, the opposition party candidate Jimi Agbaje for Lagos state, promised to give the All
Progressive Congress candidate, Ambode Akinwumi a congratulatory call if he won the election .


This time, the Kaduna state Governor has embraced the trend.
The state Governor, Ramalan Yero just called the soon-to-be-announced Governor elect of the state. The Former Minister of the FCT, Nasir El Rufai childish made the announcement on Twitter moments ago like a little boy that just won a toy, saying:

“Just received a phone call from Gov Mukhtar Ramalan Yero congratulating me for winning the
Kaduna Gubernatorial election. I thanked him too.”

We totally love his spirit of sportsmanship… indeed.

Today in Niger State…There will be no Vanquish.

The Leading candidates from the APC and PDP in the Gubernatorial race, are bounded by a cord that is tighter than the blood of Family-lines. Both men, Abubakar Lolo and Umar Nasko are products of the prestigious Nigerian Military School, thus, they are members of the Confraternity of the Ex-boys Corp. A group well known for her high level of espirit-de-corps and the unwritten decree of Strong brotherhood, has been widely proclaimed as the most non-frictional group of Military men and Technocrats. The rapport between members of the Ex-boys Corp is very high that one may mistake them for being tied to the same umbilical cord. In the group, personal interests or political interest are usually relegated to the background in pursuit of the common goals of tge Corps; whkch is to render services to the nation in whatsoever capacity for the betterment of the country. This interest is always showcased in the activities of the Ex-boys Associations and Foundation scattered around the Nations Tertiary institutions and States Capital.

There are instances where the younger crops of Ex-boys have singlehandedly embarked on community improving projects, just to better the lots of their immediate communities.

In the Spirit of Selflessness and Service to Humanity, All Ex-boys are answerable to the clarion call for a peaceful coexistence and development of individuals and communities, notwithstanding, demographical, Political, Social or Religious Differences. Hence, both Nasko and Lolo are bound by the unity in the group, which means that, whosoever wins the Elections will only just be representing the interest of the other. Both Candidates has been trained in the years in the Military School, in healthy competitions and how to embrace defeat, and this traits they have in turn passed down to their close supporters.

It’s surely going to be a dawn of tranquil political engagement in Niger state as The winner of the Elections won’t be any of the Candidates but the good people of Niger State. at this point it will be safe to say that the Losers in the Election will be the Political GodFathers who are aimlessly waiting to siphon the resources of the state through their stewards in political positions. This will be one case where they will be disappointed, because after being through the life-lasting rigorous training in the Military School, No one can bend an Ex-boy against his wish.

Hephzy Freeman

After my time with the Holy Spirit today, I learnt a lot, Please permit me to share with you.

Everytime we refuse to Exercise both Spiritually and Physically, we are going against the essence of God’s creation of these things.

These things were created to serve as a means of urging us to see the ever caring Intent of God towards us and bringing us to a point of constant Thanksgiving.

He cares so much about us, so much more that He will concern Himself with our Spiritual and Physical wellbeing. All He expects of us is that we indulge ourselves as Frequently as possible and Enjoy these things.

He then expects us to show gratitude for the privilege through Thanksgiving. It’s as simple as this, “have Fun while you can, then thank Me for the opportunity.” Cool right?

Now,  if you think that was cool, read up what Paul told Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:3. (Actually the whole of this is wrapped up in 1 Timothy 4.) Paul’s words to the young Christian Dude, can be simply put as this, “If you Choose not to enjoy the fine things in Life, then it’s your loss”.

The whole idea of that particular chapter was simple. “Do God’s work Gladly and effectively and Have Fun while you are at it”.

Bottom Line: Serve God and don’t forget to catch the most Fun in it. Most People will naturally decline anything that stirs up enjoyment because they feel it will lead them away from God. Well, they may have a tiny point there but let me ask, What happened to Thanking God in and for all things? Enough said there.

My take on Folks like that is that, they really want to make heaven and they are trying to do that by their own effort forgetting that the Bible says, it’s not by might or by power but by my Spirit says the Lord.

So are you rejecting the fine things in Life? have a rethink.

So long as it is done within the confines of the Scriptures and Thanksgiving is at the end of it, Enjoy it all. Enjoy every bit of your stay on earth and build up an everlasting home in Heaven while you are at it.