A Letter to the Young Church goers

Posted: March 23, 2015 in Arise and Shine, Da Grace Race, Dairy of a Freeman, Family, The Grind Theorem, Touchstone

Good morning, Folks, hope you all are doing greatly.

The Lord is mindful of your service to Him through your works in His Vineyard. Remember, He comes soonest and His reward is with Him. He also won’t forget your labour of Love in which you assist in Ministring to both the spiritual and physical needs of the people around.

Hold fast to the conviction which you have in the Lord, stay firmly planted in His will; in no sooner time, it shall payoff.

The race we have been called to run, is a crucial one, our speed and input matters a lot; be precised, be agile, be alert; for your little contribution to the growth of the Kingdom is as important as the Sun to a withering plant. In which a wrong exposure to the sun can further kill the plant; an absence from the sun can also do same: therefore, for the plant to be restored to its proper course, the Sun must be applied wisely; in the same way, your effort towards the Kingdom, if not fashioned in the right will, can be a waste or even harmful to the Kingdom. But am hopeful that your works are not trash-worthy.

So lay aside every weight, weakness, nonchalancy, apathy or idiosyncrasies that has become a bane to your productivity in the Kingdom. These are things that will slow you down and eventually wear you out if not flushed out.

See to it that you examine yourself daily and remain in Faith at all times, for we know not the time or the period when our King shall return. Be found in Faith always, don’t wave in and out, for the Master of the Universe comes unexpectedly and His reward is with Him.

Be focused, do what is expected of you, respect the Scriptures and those placed above you. for in Scriptural subordination and respect for constituted authorities, lies the Keys to a successful outing on earth and a rewarding and warm reception in heaven, when the world comes to a halt.

I love you, and my ernest prayer for you, is that you’ll successfully finish the race before you and be rewarded after it all.

Ralph Hephzibah Ehiabhi.


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