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By Somefun Oluwaseun Ayodeji

Looking at the recent turn of events in this country God has blessed so so(intentional repetition) much, I think a caption in English Language wouldn’t have expressed my rage enough despite that my pen is seriously boiling as I write.

I was going to write about this funny Centenary lottery going on but now that this NIS Recruitment sham has happened, I cannot but help fuse it with another job hunting experience/interview that happened to a friend. Really what madness is going on here? Is lottery the solution to the poverty Nigerians are going through? I see this Centenary lottery as rubbish and lack of vision from our so called leaders and I am not apologetic about that. I laugh when I remember the folly in this country, cars; phones and so on are doled out timely for a period. Will this increase GDP or improve our standard of living, I ask? This country is just increasingly annoying. Imagine this NIS Recruitment where 520,000 people wrote an exam for 4,556 slots! Isn’t it crazy? Where in the world does this craze happen? Where a total of about 16-21 people died in different venues of the exam and people sandwiched like rams in a truck in these venues. It shows the extent to which the government values the masses here.

You finish your compulsory Youth Service as a graduate and instead of you being happy you are caught in “webs of thoughts” on how the next stage of your life will be like because those up there care less about you – whether you live or die. But before then, entrepreneurship though good, would have been introduced as a substitute for the no-job situation forgetting that there was a time when graduates had access to instant employment and a car immediately after graduation-cum-youth service.

A good friend of mine had her own fair share of this job hunting experience where she spent almost all of the meagre sum left of her savings from NYSC on transportation for a “networking job” she didn’t like in her own words. They tossed her among themselves as she moved from venue to venue thinking she was going for “interviews” all because she applied to a no-name company online. Thank God, her eyes opened early enough but she had already paid #500 aforetime for “confirmation” as they told her to do and some people even paid #1,000. When she told me, I made her know that no firm in its “right senses” will ever ask a mere job seeker (except in few cases like NIS, NSCDC and co.) to pay for a job application and she noted that.

Though Abba Moro was to an extent right when he said the applicants’ impatience led to those casualties. But come to think of it, isn’t that where Nigeria has pushed them to- frustration? Where you have already gotten a mind-set that if you are not “sharp” by shunting and shoving others you may lose your slot.

Where Robert Mugabe could now use Nigeria to make negative comparisons like “Are we now like Nigeria that we have to reach down to our pockets to get anything done?” Imagine that corrupt old man and sit-tight leader of a country like Zimbabwe using Nigeria as a negative comparison! As usual and as I wrote in my last article, APC have started throwing tantrums and calling for heads, but if they are wise they should know that all this happenings should be room for them to showcase genuinely what they say they have for Nigerians.

I pity all these guys in power because with the way this country is going it might degenerate into a situation where non-privileged Nigerians will start to attack privileged ones and I hear a God forbid from someone. You know well we have been forbidding everything and see where it has gotten us to today.

Before I sign out, my heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones and friends in the NIS Recruitment exam and I pray it will never happen again. Lastly, my final word is from a saying attributed to Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala that only Nigerians can stand up to fight the corruption in their country, and if we do not who will?


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It was alleged that only 240 slots were remaining from the 4,556 vacancies advertised and 522,675 applicants applied for the Nigerian Immigration Service Recruitment exercise. As at this moment, over 20 people have died nationwide. As usual no proper arrangements were made. President Jonathan met behind closed doors with the Internal Affairs Minister Abba Moro and NIS boss David Parradang. They should both be fired and prosecuted. What do you all think?

by Dele Momodu

Fellow Nigerians, are you still in doubt that the race towards the 2015 Presidential election has started in earnest? Please, perish the notion. The campaign has crept in on us like a thief in the night but it is now in full bloom. Never mind the feeble groans and grunts of INEC Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega, who is only allowed to bark but cannot bite in reality. He enjoys my sympathy as a decent man who has landed a job bigger than him. All the bungled elections have only been righted by apologies and promises of better operations in the nebulous future. There is not much he can do in a nation where leaders wield the power of God and Satan at once.

We have less than one year to go and by now we ought to engage in sensible discussions and dissection of what to expect. This is more so because, Nigeria has become a besieged nation with the level of unprecedented wars of attrition going on in different parts of the country.  In the North, we have Boko Haram running wild without restrictions. In the South, we have audacious kidnappers and militants kept at bay with billions of Naira in gratification. The ruling party, PDP, has been at the centre for 15 years. By next year, it would have spent a total of 16 years and billions of dollars to boot. Not much has shifted or changed or improved since that fateful day on May 29, 1999, when the military handed over power to one of their most trusted bosses, General Olusegun Obasanjo.

The more we spent on power, the bleaker our lights became. The more we spent on roads, the more they were riddled with giant potholes or face total collapse, or as the mighty Ministry of Works sometimes puts it, “Road Failure”! The more we pumped into supposedly educating our kids, the faster their education deteriorated and they became semi-illiterates. The fatter our defence budget has grown, the bigger the assault from criminals and terrorists has exploded. Not many communities can boast of drinkable water. The army of our unemployed youths is the biggest on the continent, not on account of our huge population but because we have refused to downgrade the exorbitant lifestyles of our professional politicians, whose permanent employment we only seem to be concerned about. We can go on ad infinitum reeling out our litany of woes but it has become a cliché and a bloody waste of time, energy and resources.

In any normal democracy, the people would have long voted out PDP, as a grand protest against a malfunctioning political party and an under-performing government that has kept that long in the saddle of power with little or nothing to show for it. More useful and purposeful governments have been sacked and discarded in other climes for less. But ours is a peculiarly abnormal situation. We are all guilty of operating in the jungle and it has become almost impossible to see that hope in the horizon. Not that the opposition parties have done much better but they have offered some glimmer of hope in truth and reality. It would be uncharitable not to salute the modest efforts of some of the wiz kids who form the nucleus of APC today even if they are not perfect. Collectively they are likely to push Nigeria forward because of their cosmopolitan outlook. PDP has refused to jet out of its ultra-conservative cocoon. If it had made that extra effort to give something little back to a country that gave it so much there would have been perhaps no major opposition today. But the party was comfortable in its fool’s paradise and never dreamt a day like this would ever come. The recklessness of our leaders is what has again drawn Nigeria closer to the abyss.

In the middle of this terrible mess, Nigerians are just hoping that something or anything at all can still be salvaged and repositioned before it is too late. It has become too obvious that Nigeria is precariously sitting on tinderbox and a lot rests on how we conduct or misconduct ourselves in 2015. Our survival would depend on how sober or desperate the contenders choose to be. On the part of most Nigerians, all we can do is pray and watch as events unfold. Saints are not going to descend from heaven to rule over us. It behoves us to find some of the manageable demons who can perform better than the incompetent ones we’ve been stranded with.  Such is the reality of our sordid predicament.

Where do we then go from here? As things stand today, President Goodluck Jonathan has virtually been drafted and adopted as the PDP flag-bearer. I don’t see and can’t picture any other candidate emerging from the shadows to upturn this particular applecart. The President himself has assumed the role of an unchallenged candidate by going all out to dare his would be opponents to an early duel. Notably he is not challenging anybody within he is own party. He knows they have all accepted the inevitable!  It is the opposition he brazenly confronts.  Unfortunately, while APC is still trying to sort itself out and put its house in order, President Jonathan has embarked on a marathon campaign in a most aggressive manner. From what I can decipher so far, his campaign is going to be fought on several fronts.  It is for you to determine for yourselves whether these fronts are productive or not.

The first is to throw loads of cash into the race. Admittedly, all over the world, including America, the avowed bastion of Democracy, money is heavily needed to galvanise people and materials into action.  The crowds that gather everywhere our President goes are products of heavy mobilisation. Some of them are pros who move from one rally to the other, no matter the party involved. They are loyal to whoever can pay the cash at that moment. For them, it is a lucrative job that comes at periods like this and they have to maximise time and profit.

The National Conference is also a very smart move. It is a wonderful way to mop up a lot of the politicians and herd them out of their domains into one central location. I pray that it is no more sinister than that.  The National Conference serves three major purposes. First, some of those who have gone into virtual oblivion have been resurrected and would be grateful for the opportunity to keep busy in Abuja. Two, while engaging in hot arguments, they will leave the President to concentrate on campaigning unhindered. Three, the President would have easier access to most of these putative leaders and call them to over whenever their services are needed. The other elites in their midst will continue to delude themselves that there is no alternative to the National Conference. When tomorrow comes, they would realise their futility in the non-enforceability and probable impracticability of whatever decisions are reached. By that time, the elections would be knocking and then to thy tents O Israel. I’m sorry if I sound cynical. Someone whose child was killed by a witch sees every woman as a suspect.

The third arm of the campaign is religion. President Jonathan’s strategy is to amass and appropriate and monopolise Christendom as his catchment area. His mission appears to be to create a skilfully and methodically packaged battle of wits between Christians and Muslims in particular. Of course he completely neglects or ignores devotees of other religions. They are simply insignificant in the scheme of things, or so it seems. However, we all know where most politicians are reputed to go in the dead of night! Anyway back to the festering use of religion as a veritable campaign tool by the President.  He has been going from church to church, courting his brethren and letting them know he is the one who can protect them against the rampaging defenders of the Islamic Faith as they claim. Interestingly, the Faithful that he seems to be fraternising with for the most part are the Pentecostal churches and their leaders.  The mind boggles.  For now, it seems to be working but no one knows for how long. I will explain what I mean shortly. The PDP seems to be hoping that APC will make the mistake of risking a Muslim-Muslim ticket like Chief Moshood Abiola did in 1993. That is all President Jonathan needs to turn on the heat of religious rivalry and bigotry.

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Next is ethnicity. The people of the South South will insist on serving out their two terms under Jonathan. It does not matter to them that this may be technically impossible, as some cerebral lawyers advocate, on the basis that it is claimed the Constitution does not allow a President to be sworn in three times and that a President cannot serve more than two terms. According to the senior Counsellors, if Jonathan runs and wins next year, he would have been sworn in three times and also serve a total of three terms and nine years. This case promises to be very interesting whenever it eventually gets to the Supreme Court. The Ijaw Nation in particular is not ready to listen to any legal jargon that would eliminate Jonathan by subterfuge. Their indignation is anchored on the belief that their region is the goose that lays the golden eggs. If power is taken away from them, they don’t know when it will be their turn again. The principle sounds tenable.

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But the APC is bound to counter with the argument that ethnicity and religion are the reasons Nigeria remains chronically underdeveloped and that performance should henceforth form the bedrock of our political activity and vision. Of course, this won’t be absolutely practical and in the short run may not hold water. It seems to me that APC itself would have to play the ethnic card to counter Jonathan. Its candidate would naturally and most definitely come from the North West or the North East or North Central where it is hoped more votes would come to over-run the regions where Jonathan is strong namely South South, South East and North Central or the Middle Belt. This looks good on paper but it would depend on the choice of candidate to run against Jonathan. If the candidate remains Buhari, the same results are likely to be repeated as that of 2011. But if the elders of the party play and behave like true statesmen and decide to field their younger members, this is likely to ignite a passion and frenzy in first time voters without which it would be impossible to defeat Jonathan.

As presently constituted, APC is blessed with a lot of superstars from every zone. In the North West, it has Muhammadu Buhari, Nasir El Rufai, Uba Saidu Malami, Sokoto Governor Aliyu Wamakko and Kano Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso. I won’t be surprised if former Central Bank Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and House of Representatives’ Speaker Aminu Tambuwal join APC anytime soon. From the North East are Atiku Abubakar and Murtala Nyako, Nuhu Ribadu, Mohammed Marwa, Borno Governor Kashim Shettima and others. In the North Central, it has arrow-heads in Bukola Saraki, Nassarawa Governor Tanko Al-Makura, Kwara Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed and others. From the South West is Bola Tinubu leading all the Governors minus Olusegun Mimiko of Edo, Segun Osoba and a host of other unsung heroes of the Pro-democracy movement. From the South East are Governor Rochas Okorocha, Chris Ngige and others. From South South, APC has formidable members in Rotimi Amaechi, Adams Oshiomhole amongst others. APC parades some of the brightest materials in Nigerian politics today.

How APC makes progress would depend on how the party unites against a common enemy and blends the strong human materials they have.  It can be the unifying party that Nigerians have been praying for, if it properly harnesses the talent and spiritedness of the seeming strange bedfellows that have joined forces to liberate our country from a debilitating past and a potentially destructive future.

I will continue the search for potential candidates against Jonathan next week and the issues that are likely to affect the results at the end of the day. Please stay tuned.

– This Best Outside Opinion was written by Dele Momodu

Yesterday when I heard of the report of ongoing gun battle in Maiduguri, I called a friend and he confirmed that the University of Maiduguri was under siege, little did I know that it was a the entire city that was I called a correspondence with the Defence Headquarters.

It all began when; Pockets of terrorists apparently in a move to boost their depleted stock of fighters, yesterday morning, March 14, 2014 attacked a military location in Maiduguri with a view to freeing their colleagues who are being held in detention.

Military forces foiled their “Scolfied” move operation, arresting more terrorists and confiscating their ammunition.

As the sect clashed with the Special Forces in Maiduguri, 350 of them lost their lives, comprising the insurgents who attacked the military formation and their members who were held at the biggest detention facility on the premises of the headquarters of the Brigade. The terrorists targeted the detention facility within the 21 Armoured Brigade where most of the hardened members of the sect were detained.

The attempt was to break into Giwa Barracks, in Maiduguri to free their members who were detained by the military. This also led to series of reprisal attacks in the entire city, including the University of Maiduguri Campus.

The attack was successfully repelled with heavy human casualty on the terrorists.

Presently, a 24hours curfew has been imposed in the state.

The Punch has an interesting report on the Battle of Maiduguri, including details of a possible sabotage:


The military authorities were said to have received an intelligence report of an impending attack on the barracks and prepared for the insurgents.

It was learnt that the insurgents attempted to divert the attention of the military by carrying out the attack in military uniforms and vehicles painted in military colours.


The huge casualty figure was revealed amid fresh facts on why the insurgents were able to advance near the detention camp with ease. It was learnt that the insurgents’ advancement could not be immediately halted because the Shilka tank, a multipurpose self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery weapon positioned to secure the barracks, failed to fire.


An authoritative security source who pleaded anonymity because he was not authorised to speak on behalf of the Special Forces, told Saturday PUNCH that the Shilka tank refused to respond to signal.  This situation, he said, prompted the Special Forces to fight hard to prevent what would have been a tragic outing.


It was learnt that the tank had earlier been well -positioned to secure the portion of the barracks where the insurgents had penetrated. The source said if the gun had responded to touch, the soldiers would have found it easier to repel the attack of the insurgents without any damage.

It was learnt that the soldiers abandoned the disappointing artillery tank and relied on other weapons to ward off the insurgents’ attack.


The source said that the military was already looking into the reason behind the disappointment of the crucial weapon.

It was learnt that security operatives who were investigating the Shilka tank failure were considering two possibilities-the age of the old artillery weapon and the possibility of sabotage.


“You know that when these people came, the Shilka gun simply did not fire. It disappointed, so the soldiers had to rely on other weapons to defend the barracks. The gun was positioned to defend that part of the barracks where the insurgents came from. If that gun had fired, they wouldn’t have got into the barracks near the detention facility.”


Saturday PUNCH learnt that the insurgents stormed the strategic army formation from a place called Pori, near a tomato farm close to the barracks, with some Armoured Personnel Carriers, as early as 6.30am.

 A security source, who spoke to our correspondent on the condition of anonymity, said that the insurgents fought their way into the detention facility at the barracks where they attempted to free some of their members being held.

The source said that at the end of the confrontation, the soldiers recovered a Buffalo Truck and an Armoured Personnel Carrier from the insurgents.


The Bufalo Truck Captured after the Gun Battle

Although the soldiers prevented the barracks from being burnt by the invading Boko Haram fighters, it was said that the insurgents burnt the MRS, (the traditional medical facility within the barracks) and the detention facility.

A security source, who spoke to one of our correspondents on the condition of anonymity, said that 53 of the insurgents were killed in action at the barracks while 297 were killed in a joint operation by the Air Force and the ground forces engrossed in chasing the fleeing insurgents.


The source further said that four children of a soldier were among those killed. The leader of a volunteer youth vigilante group who assisted the military in repelling the attack, Abdullahi Dere, said not less than 207 suspected Boko Haram terrorists were killed.

Dere, who is the chairman of Sector 5 of the local vigilante group, popularly referred to as “Civilian JTF” in Jidari Polo near the Giwa Barracks, said several insurgents fled the town for their hideouts with injuries. He said: “We counted 207 dead bodies of Boko Haram members shot dead by the military in Jidari Polo area alone. The suspected Boko Haram members had attacked Giwa Barracks and freed some of the detainees but the military were able to go after them and killed them. As we speak, the dead bodies of the terrorists are still within our area unattended to.”


He added: “We were also able to capture some fleeing Boko Haram suspects and handed them over to the military.”

Confirming the casualties figure given by Dere, the Vice- Chairman of the vigilante -group in the area, Tijjani Bello, said apart from 207 killed close to the barracks, many more were killed in different parts of the city.


He said, “Many  Boko Haram members were also killed apart from the ones killed in Jidari Polo. But we only fear that some innocent residents may be among those killed.”


Another eyewitness told one of our correspondents that he counted 60 bodies that were dumped in a heap at the headquarters of the Brigade. It was learnt that the ground forces and the men of the Air Force were still in hot pursuit of the fleeing insurgents as of the time of filing this report.


The source said that the military operation was designed to ensure that the fleeing insurgents were prevented from getting out of Maiduguri into their safe havens in the vast Sambisa forests.

It was further gathered that a good number of the insurgents were killed en masse in a plantation not too far from the Brigade on Friday afternoon. The source said that the insurgents were attempting to hide and to regroup in the plantation when they were stormed by security forces, which spotted them from a hilly location. “Several of them were also killed this afternoon in a plantation where they wanted to take cover; they were hiding there without knowing that security forces were watching them. All of them who were found in that location were killed and their arms and ammunition recovered.


Some of the Arms and Ammunitions Recovered


A source said that about 60 bodies of dead insurgents were dumped at the gate of the Brigade barracks in Maimalari by 5.30 pm  on Friday.

It was further learnt that the insurgents inflicted some gunshot wounds on some soldiers and barracks boys during the attacks. The injured were said to have been taken to a hospital as of the time of filing this report.


Saturday PUNCH further learnt that 10 Air Force fighter jets were deployed to provide the requisite air support for ground forces who engaged the insurgents for close to three hours.

Investigation revealed that a third year student of Mass Communication was hit by a stray bullet at the University of Maiduguri.


The Director of Defence Information, Maj. Gen. Chris Olukolade, said in an electronic mail on Friday that the attack was an attempt by the insurgents to free their detained members in order to boost the number of their depleted fighters.

Olukolade said that the Special Forces foiled the attack with heavy casualties on the side of the insurgents.


He said that the victims of the terrorist attacks included some of the detained terror suspects. He said that the Special Forces also captured many of the terrorists and their arms and ammunition.

He added that four soldiers who sustained gunshot wounds were being treated.


In his words, “Pockets of terrorists apparently in a move to boost their depleted stock of fighters this morning attacked a military location in Maiduguri with a view to freeing their colleagues who are being held in detention.

The attack has been successfully repelled with heavy human casualties on the terrorists. 

Some of the victims of the terrorists fired in their efforts to break into the detention facility included those they came to rescue.

Many of the terrorists and their weapons have been captured.  Four soldiers were wounded and are being treated.

Hot pursuits by land and air operations are ongoing along with cordon and search of surrounding localities.

No institution has been reportedly attacked, although the effect of firing from the encounter could be noticed in surrounding facilities in Maiduguri.”


He said that the attack was a reaction to the intensity of military attacks on terrorist ‘strongholds at Talala, Monguzum, Sambisa forests, Gwoza, Mandara mountains as well as the general area of Lake Chad which were destroyed and where many of the insurgents were killed.

The catastrophic vanishing of Malaysian flight MH370 in midair has hatched several conspiracy theories. These Theories span from supernatural intervention to the influence of the illuminati.

The reason why a Malaysia Airlines flight carrying 239 people disappeared on Saturday is still as mysterious as when the plane first lost radar contact. While fears of terrorism began to fade when it was revealed Tuesday that one of the infamous stolen passports was held by a 19-year-old Iranian asylum seeker with no terrorist ties, search teams now have even fewer explanations for what might have happened. When asked where the plane could be, air traffic controller Izhar Bahari at Malaysia’s Department of Civil Aviation told TIME, “We’ve made no progress, we don’t have a clue.”

In the absence of any definitive answer, conspiracy theorists have emerged with explanations of their own, however implausible. While there’s no credible evidence to support these theories, here are the ones getting the most attention:


1. Eerie cell phones rings could mean passengers’ phones are still on—or inhabited by ghosts: Relatives and friends of the plane’s passengers said they were able to find their loved ones on a Chinese instant messenger service called QQ, reports the Washington Post. Others tried calling the vanished passengers’ phones and heard ringtones even though the calls were not picked up. Many thought the phones might still be on, and more than 100 of them signed a petition to the Malaysian government to hurriedly investigate.

That led more suspicious observers to fire off rounds of irrational theories. Did the mysterious ringing indicate the passengers had been kidnapped and are still alive somewhere? Or was it the supernatural at work?

2. An otherworldly portal could have sucked up the flight: “If we never find the debris, it means some entirely new, mysterious and powerful force is at work on our planet which can pluck airplanes out of the sky without leaving behind even a shred of evidence,” said one blogger. Was it an alien abduction? Others ask.

3. The flight’s disappearance was predetermined and perhaps written into the very fabric of the universe: Reddit is rife with commenters fixated on the numerical coincidences of the flight’s disappearance. “Interesting numerology,” said one Reddit user, RedditB. “Flight 370 disappears on 3/7 while reportedly traveling 3,700 km. Flight 370 flew at an altitude of 37,000 feet when it was last reported using flight tracking software. Luigi Maraldi, age 37, was one of the individuals whose passport was stolen. Malaysia Airlines is one of Asia’s largest, flying nearly 37,000 passengers daily. As of today, we are beginning the 37th month since the Fukushima tragedy, which is located on the 37th degree and initially caused 37 injuries at the plant.”

4. The North Koreans hijacked the jet: Others have argued the jet was hijacked by North Koreans and flown to Pyongyang. One Reddit user, Nickryane, claims the plane had enough fuel to fly to North Korea and remain within cell phone range. The dictatorship hijacked a jet in 1969, so Kim Jong-un would be pulling an old card out of the deck.

5. The Illuminati did it: One guess points to the supposed vortex energy points on the earth’s surface that Illuminati “and/or ancient aliens” who can control the energy grid. Commenters and bloggers emerged to point to occultists and nefarious shadowy figures that helped down the plane.

While the absence of a distress signal has helped such conspiracy theories abound, it does not rule out the very real possibility that the jet exploded at a high altitude and disintegrated. It’s a terrifying prospect because it would mean no trace of the jet will be found, and that the search for the plane is in vain.

“The fact that there was no distress signal is very disturbing,” Ross Aimer, an aviation consultant, told Al-Jazeera. “It’s almost unprecedented.”

Ok, so He took a Break, but after a few years interval from the music scene, it will be wrong to say Rooftopmcs’ Snatcha went on a Break, because no one goes on a break and comes back with this kind of Hit, (Yes, I Mean Hit in every sense of the word). To me, it is more like Retreat or a Revival, Because The SOUL SNATCHA of The ROOFTOP CLAN is back with his side project SNATCHA AND THE UNSEEN FORCES.

On this remake of Pst. Chris Delvan’s “You are glorious” Snatcha teams up with the vocal prowess of Deji of Fourkornerz and amazing production by Mr Damention to create this experimental mix of HipHop/ dance/worship.

In his own words,

” I had to get really personal on this track, cos I have been through hell and high water lately and it was the ability to hear bad news and burst out in dancing and thanking God through it all that saw me through.”

Although the group Rooftops are still very much together, they have both stepped out to do individual projects (to be released on their Rooftopclan music imprint) before coming back to drop another rooftopmcs album.

Enough Said for now, let me allow you enjoy this Kingdom Shackers and their New weapon of Mass Invasion

It’s Snatcha and the unseen forces in YWHW (YAHWEH).



Will bring you more inform on the story behind the song as soon as we get a hold of @Snatcha

At least 51 people have been killed after twin car bomb blasts went off at a bustling marketplace in Nigeria’s northeastern city of Maiduguri, a Red Cross official said.

The first blast came from a passenger car and did not cause many casualties, said Hassan Ali, the leader of an anti-terror vigilanted group.

Most of those killed had run to the scene to help when a second explosion blasted from a pickup truck carrying firewood, he said.

The attack in the birth place of the armed group Boko Haram is the latest in a string of deadly assaults to hit the West African country.  

Boko Haram, blamed for widespread violence in the north east, did not claim responsibilityfor the attack.

The AP reported that many more people were believed buried in rubble from the night explosions that collapsed some buildings.

Other building caught fire with smoke billowing for hours, the AP added, citing the Red Cross official.

The victims include children who were dancing at a wedding celebration and people watching a soccer match on an outdoor TV screen, survivors told the AP.

Survivors said they captured a man who jumped out of the first car, grabbed a tricycle taxi and tried to make off.

He was badly beaten and taken to nearby Umaru Shehu General Hospital, where a security guard said all the wounded brought in had died.

Most spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.

It was not known how many wounded are being treated in at least three hospitals in the city.

The attack is a major setback to a new army and air force offensive against the Boko Haram uprising under new commanders since President Goodluck Jonathan fired his entire military command.

Since then, criticism and anger have grown as attacks by the armed group have increased and become ever deadlier. More than 300 people were killed in February alone.

The Defencee Ministry has blamed recent attacks on fighters escaping from daily aerial bombardments and ground assaults aimed at flushing them out of forest hideouts and mountain caves along the border with Cameroon.

The military closed hundreds of kilometers (miles) of border with Cameroon last week, saying it wanted to stop extremists escaping across the border and using the neighbouring country to launch attacks.

With a week to their 2013/14 Nigeria Premier League kickoff against newly promoted Abia Warriors in Umuahia, the Crocodiles have gotten a new management board to pilot its affairs

The Kaduna State government has inaugurated a nine-man technical committee as the new management board to oversee the activities of Nigeria Premier League side Kaduna United.

The state’s commissioner for Youth and Sports, Bashir Zubairu Usman said that the committee would be headed by him, while Garba Lawal (MON) who is also the new General Manager of the team is a member of the committee.

Other members include a former FIFA referee Alex Mana, the National and Kaduna state ALGON chairman Danjuma Akuso and a previous board member of the dissolved Kaduna United, Ben Omale.

Others on the board are former general manager of the team, Hon Sabo Babayero, Alhaji Magaji Aliyu, Mallam Adamu Jibril Aliyu and Deputy Director of Sports, Mr. Elisha S. Yashim all as members.

The commissioner in his address to the committee said the ministry understood that there were a lot of problems associated with Kaduna United hence the need to dissolve and reconstitute a new board which metamorphosed to technical committee.

“Whenever there is a change of administration there must be a change of programmes and activities and in that aspect, myself, the permanent secretary and other members of this ministry understand that Kaduna United have been suffering for a very long period and we are not blaming anybody, rather we want to forge ahead,” Zubairu said.

He said the ministry and the technical committee are supposed to make the people of Kaduna state proud and happy when the 2014 Premier League finally kicks off on March 7, stressing that, “this is the reason why a decision was taken to write a memo to Governor Tijjani Ramalan Yero proposing for the reconstitution of a new board with a view to tackling those problems that are so glaring.”

The commissioner told the press that the governor responded by saying he has no objection for the reconstitution of the board.

“That is why the former board was dissolved and replaced by a technical committee and will take responsibility of the board. Every member of this technical committee was appointed based on merit because he is deemed to be fit to contribute to the development of football in Kaduna state in particular and the country as a large.

“When I was appointed as the state commissioner for sports and had a discussion with my permanent secretary and asked him about the position of Kaduna United he told me he has a lot to tell me. I forwarded a memo to the governor based on our discussions and this is where we found ourselves today,” the Chiroman Birnin Gwari said.

The Crocodiles will travel down to Umuahia to play newly promoted Abia Warriors on March 7.