NEW REALM IN WORSHIP: Lion and The Lamb by Pst. Chingtok Ishaku feat. Olumide and Nathaniel Bassey

Posted: December 23, 2013 in Arise and Shine, Da Grace Race, Dairy of a Freeman, Entertainment, In Da Music, Touchstone
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The Lion and the Lamb by Chingtok Ishaku

Capturing the Presence of God is one thing, Capturing the Presence of God in a Studio recorded Song is a different thing entirely. Only a few Humans has been able to do that since the emergence of Digital Studio Recording. Allow me to give you a foretaste of what am talking about.

In this song put together by Pastor Chingtok Ishaku with the assistance of Olumide Iyun and Nathaniel Bassey‘s Trumpet, the Presence of the Most High God was not just Captured but given a leeway for expression in anyone both Singers and Listeners.

The Song talks about the dual persona of Jesus Christ, being both Lion and Lamb in one entity, its all about rendering praises to the only One who would remain forever the same.

Its an easy Worship song, so I advice you, don’t Listening to it while driving, cooking, or Babysitting, You just might be caught up into the celestial realms unknowingly. (I mean it, you could literally leave this Realm while worshipping with this song)

Download it, Enjoy it and Share it

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  1. Israel tee says:

    U hav done a good work sir. God will continue to increase ur anointing.
    Plz sir i need the words of this song, The lion and the lamb

  2. toluwaniwunmi says:

    ……I heard this song first from my song….and the lyrics it just kept playing in my head..then I decided to Google….you know the rest…..Forever you remain the samEEe Halleluya!!

  3. Mojirade says:

    i listened to the song today for the first time and it seems i can’t live without it for a second. I continually sang it even in my subconscious state. It’s so spirit-filled.

  4. Femi says:

    Deep! Strong! Beautifully simple.

  5. Arinze says:

    Pst Chingtok pls i need you in the African Praise Experience in House on the Rock Lagos

  6. Binec says:

    Subliminal…my spirit worships with this song even in my sleep

  7. priscilla says:

    Thank you so much,for THE LION AND THE LAMB!!! I couldn’t find it on tubidy,and I was heartbroken.keep up the good work.God bless you for keeping to your promise of being the best right now,it did make me smile.

  8. Mercy A. Kassai says:

    hmmmmmmmmmm dis song is really a song dat can transform u into a celestrial realm,i really appreciate God for using pastor Chingtok Ishaku 2 be a blessing 2 me through dis song.Am greatful more grace nd strength 2 u pastor.

  9. emmymabel says:

    Wow. Wat a nice song it took me to heaven itz xo inspirational

  10. Thomas stephen says:

    Your bless my sir more

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