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Residents of Awotan in Oyo State have witnessed the crash of a mysterious spacecraft. The spacercraft was said to have crashed into a building in the community, just as aviation sources confirmed the object as a United States’ drone on an espionage mission in Nigeria.

According to Nigerian Tribune, a source said the spacecraft must have taken off from NASA base in Texas in the US, considering the registration number, TX 5803, inscribed on a black battery beneath it.

The craft flew into a toilet in the house of Ashipa of Awotan, Chief Tajudeen Adetoro, a few minutes after his grandson, Afeez Adewale and daughter-in-law, Adikat, left the toilet where they had gone to answer the call of nature.

The residents of the sleepy community said that the object was not a toy due to the fearful noise it made and the way it flew about, adding that it could be an explosive.

“When it flew out, we rushed after it and it was found hanging on the antennae of our neighbour…making a terrible noise and emitting heavy smoke,” Chief Adetoro narrated.

He said they ran for safety on hearing the loud bang made on the roof of their house only to discover that the object had entered the toilet hitting its wall in an attempt to exit.

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The Nigerian Army Headquarters has released its fourth quarter routine posting and appointment of senior officers.

This is contained in a statement issued in Abuja on Friday by Brig.-Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru, Director of Army Public Relations.

The statement said  some of the affected  officers included:  Maj.- Gen John Kwabe, now Chief of Logistics, Defence Headquarters and Maj.-Gen Ugo Buzugbe, Commander, Nigerian Army Armoured Corps,

It also named Maj.- Gen. Ebiobowei Awala, Military Secretary (Army), Maj.- Gen. Olufemi Adeosun, Director of Policy, Defence Headquarters, Maj.-Gen. John Nwaoga, General Officer Commanding 3 Division.

Others are Maj.-Gen Chris Olukolade, Director of Defence of Information, Maj.-Gen. Sunday Adebayo, Commander, Nigerian Army Education Corps and Maj.-Gen. Mohammed  Idris, Commandant, Nigerian Defence Academy.

It said Maj.-Gen Mobolaji Koleoso is Director, Armed Forces Simulation Centre, Maj.-Gen Letam Wiwa, Director, Military Intelligence, and Maj.-Gen Patrick Akem, is the Director, Legal Service (Army).

The statement also said that Maj.-Gen Charley Okoro is the Director, Peace Keeping Operations, Defence Headquarters, Maj.-Gen Obidah Ethan, is now the Chief of Civil/Military Affairs, and Maj- Gen Junaid Bindawa, General Officer Commanding 7 Division,

Maj.-Gen Modibbo Alkali is Commandant Nigerian Army School of Artillery, Maj.- Gen. Shehu Yusuf, is now the  Commandant, Depot, Nigerian Army, and  Maj.-Gen Ahmed Mohammed, Commander, Nigerian Army Training Centre.

Maj.-Gen Iliyasu Abbah is Commander, Joint Task Force (Operation Pulo Shield), while Brig.-Gen Arinze Ebenebe, is the Commandant, Warrant Officers Academy and Brig.-Gen Ebenezer Ogundana is Director of Army Reserve Recruitment and Resettlement.

Brig.-Gen. Kasimu Abdulkarim is Director of Physical Training, Brig.-Gen Enitan Ransome-Kuti is now the Commander, Multi-National Joint Task Force and Brig.- Gen. Ibe Nicholas is the Commander, 23 Brigade.

Brig.-Gen. Ohifeme Ejemai is Commander, 9 Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Bright Fibionumama, Commander 3 Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru, Commander 13 Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Mustapha Onoyiveta, Head Nigerian Army  Operations Monitoring Team, and  Brig.- Gen. Lanre Bello, Commander, 34 Brigade

Brig.-Gen Olajide Laleye is Director, Army Public Relations, among others.

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Ok, y’all should be used to my style of recommending music, but I promise this is different. I know the artist (from a distance though). I have watched him minister with the Take 5 crew in Zaria, Kaduna, Abuja and Suleja on several occasions and mostly in Accapella.

But boy, when I heard this song I couldn’t believe my ears. It was a love song and its not their signature genre but Rap, Rap! Yes RAP. And Ephream’s Voice play well as a cover on it all. wait, I mean am not a fan of tiny, little, lanky Soprano, high pitchy voices, but this one had a different feel on me.

J.Clone shares a little of His love experience with Christ on this new song ‘All Over me’. According to the rapper/member of the award winning group Take 5 “I’ve made so many mistakes but falling in love with Jesus is never one of them, infact it is the best decision I’ve ever made.”

The song is a smooth blend of some real love notes in his rap lines and a beautiful hook done by group mate EPHRAEM CHENE on a solid, mid-tempo beat by the fast rising Abuja based producer HAYCHBEATZ. This song would definitely get you smiling.

Hit here to Download

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by Uche Egboluche

If he had titles as Major General or Lieutenant Colonel prefixed to his name, Owelle Rochas Okorocha would have failed woefully in the 2011 election. However, Okorocha came a true democrat with mountains of philanthropic gestures to his credit, riding coolly on a platform provided by All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), whose national leader, Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu, has soft spot in the heart of any Igbo man with good sense of history. These were certainly reasons; with Ojukwu and APGA playing better roles in the conglomeration of other factors that made many Ndi Imo risk their lives in not just voting but insisting that their votes counted to make him the governor of Imo State.

Rochas also had many things working for him. His choice of words could melt hearts. He easily appeals to emotion often with little logic. This works well among a population that looks for reasons to forgive even known criminals, simply because saints are in short supply among the political elites.  Okorocha’s philanthropic gestures could easily give him out as a saint. He has several schools across Nigeria and beyond, where he trains secondary school students freely in best facilities that could be found in Nigeria. His name usually evoke emotions, as people who have not personally benefited from his charity, tell tales of those they know, who had enjoyed his philanthropy in one way or the other. And Rochas knows how best to do it! He gets involved in his philanthropy business, and often takes the lead in the ‘service’ to the poor. He jokes and plays with them. And whenever he is doing this, he ensures he has his cameramen by his side. He keeps the videos and snap shots as evidence of his goodness. No one has problem with this. As a young catechumen in the Catholic Church, we were taught, after all, that philanthropy did not necessarily mean love. All charities are philanthropy but not the other way round. Politicians offer theirs with intention beyond serving God in humanity. Hence, against Jesus Christ’s teaching that we must not parade our good deeds to get praise, many Christian politicians go pharisaic. They won’t show love without the cameraman. And it works. That was one of the selling points of Rochas Okorocha in the 2012 gubernatorial election in Imo State. Ndi Imo did not just want a change to former Governor Ikedi Ohakim, who had become everything but a leader, they wanted a total opposite to the man. They wanted a governor with human heart. Hence, as per his philanthropy, Rochas easily sailed through with the masses not inquiring about the love content of this act.

Then began the business of governance! He did not want to fail. Rochas Okorocha actually started well. No dispute to that. Within his six months in office, Rochas had renovated or built many new structures in the infrastructure deficit state. However, like many villains, he began to drift. The ovation became so loud among a people who had not seen such speedy development. And like the proverbial dancer, Rochas stopped listening to the rhythm of his drummers and started dancing to the noise of his admirers. Projects became a matter of self glorification and no longer necessity. Overriding ambition started writing straight on every act of the governor. You could boldly spot inscriptions of pride, inordinate ambition and highhandedness in the otherwise good works of the hitherto, People’s Governor. The result is the clear statement that Imo has become an abandoned project. From the Ring Road, which was initiated by Ohakim in the twilight of his administration to roads Okorocha awarded contracts for in the remotest villages in Imo, it is now story of gully erosion. Whereas some of these roads were unpaved but motorable, excellently maintained by villagers who had wonderful tradition of Oru Iro, where the youths in community came out en masse to maintain their roads by themselves, Rochas simply sent caterpillars that cleared the surface soil, removed culverts, uprooted gutters and left the road at the mercy of erosion. Today, many people are unable to access their villages. While one may drive through a dual carriageway from Orlu to Orie Akokwa or Afo Urualla, he might spend the whole day trying to negotiate from there to his village in Umualaoma or Obodoukwu in Ideato North LGA. The story is the same from Awomama to Ugiri (Mbaino), and from Ehime to Avu near Owerri. Even when this people get home, perhaps without their cars which were held back by mud at the village square, they may discover that their electric poles connecting them to power supply had since been brought down in the name of road construction. It is this singular road projects logjam that affects more than the many uncompleted buildings that should serve as schools, general hospitals etc.

Recently, the Debt Management Office of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) listed the state as insolvent. The government has denied this but the denial looks infantile. A better defense should have been an Imo with started projects going on simultaneously, according to governor’s promise. But that is not the case. Many people whose houses were pulled down are yet to be compensated and the governor’s tenure is expiring. Retirees, who had smiled on television screens, do not have opportunity of retelling their woes to the world. There is no mention of gratuities. Policies are formulated and reformulated without any consultation. Bribery accusations and counter accusations are made and withdrawn at will. Indications are that the governor has merely made Imo an unworthy stepping stone to his ambition. Ndi Imo are seriously concerned on how their money is being spent.

The Catholic Archbishop of Owerri, known for his objective stand in Imo politics recently pointed this out directly to the governor during a church service.

Okorocha pretends to be fixing all the ills in Imo State at once. However, it is obvious the state has run out of funds. Yet, in every gathering, he still makes promises, though he seems to get lesser applause as people now see his promises as suspect or what Igbo would call egbe onu.

In the prime of his administration, he had stopped uninvited wherever he saw large gatherings to make new promises. He could stop at a traditional marriage venue or burial ceremony. After laughing or crying as the situation warrants, he drops three or four promises. Often times, there were no aides to note these promises down and remind His Excellency later. So, they go with the winds, but the masses take note. The governor may have good intention but there is more to governance than good intention.

Recklessness is rampant. The disabled persons are protesting. Young Engineer Corps are angry. Government House security details are threatening fire and brimstone. His dumped party, APGA, is at his throat. Even All Progressives Congress (APC) is not yet a safe haven because, people who were there before he jumped board still see him as usurper. His subdued House of Assembly members are raising their heads. The religious bodies are now very suspicious of him. Admission seekers are accusing him; job seekers see all his acclaimed palliatives as fraudulent. Trust is at lowest ebb simply because promises were made and never fulfilled. Rochas has simply undone himself.

However, he needs to retrace and once more dance to tune. Rochas must listen to Ndi Imo. He must once more dust his manifesto and work according to reality. There is no way he could do his wish and want the masses to give approval to that. Ndi Imo are too wise to be deceived by smiling face and dancing steps. We have outgrown the era of governors roasting corns by the roadside or attending wedding ceremonies uninvited just to attract unschooled applause. Ndi Imo wants the Rochas they voted for. Infrastructure building is good but a listening ear is better. In fact, the later begets the former. Despite his role in the provision of Germany’s infrastructure, Adolf Hitler was never wanted because people wanted to be heard. That is the essence of democracy, in which people’s sovereignty has been vested on the leaders. Also, Okorocha must cease making promises and focus on redeeming the litany of pledges he already made. He must not be seen as over ambitious or coaxing people into working for his selfish goals. Finally, he must also remember that he has a date with the masses in 2015.

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The Lion and the Lamb by Chingtok Ishaku

Capturing the Presence of God is one thing, Capturing the Presence of God in a Studio recorded Song is a different thing entirely. Only a few Humans has been able to do that since the emergence of Digital Studio Recording. Allow me to give you a foretaste of what am talking about.

In this song put together by Pastor Chingtok Ishaku with the assistance of Olumide Iyun and Nathaniel Bassey‘s Trumpet, the Presence of the Most High God was not just Captured but given a leeway for expression in anyone both Singers and Listeners.

The Song talks about the dual persona of Jesus Christ, being both Lion and Lamb in one entity, its all about rendering praises to the only One who would remain forever the same.

Its an easy Worship song, so I advice you, don’t Listening to it while driving, cooking, or Babysitting, You just might be caught up into the celestial realms unknowingly. (I mean it, you could literally leave this Realm while worshipping with this song)

Download it, Enjoy it and Share it

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Ok, this is not your usual Christmas Carol song; it a Song about the Season but certainly not a “Gloooooooooo ooo ooo oooo oooo oooo oooo ria” kind of song.

It is a Song beautifully Crafted by the Spirit of God and channelled to this generation through Jimmy, yes “Jimmy” oh, ok, some of you might not know him yet, I seeeeeeee. We will do a little run up on him pretty soon, but for now it should interest you to know that he is a final year student of Mass Communication in The Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria ,Nigeria.

Ok enough of the story abeg, let me allow you enjoy the Song

NB: the song is titled “Immanuel” but the concept is not God with us but “God with me” ***wink***

Oya Download, Share and be blessed

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The Future Awards Africa 2013 took place on Friday in Port Harcourt, Rivers State with Governor Rotimi Amaechi serving as the chief host. The event had honourees from all over the country and Africa’s youngest billionaire, Ashish Thakkar as one of the winners of the prestigious awards.

In his usual no-holds-barred manner, Amaechi engaged the youth present at the award ceremony casting doubts on their sincerity in steering the ship of Nigeria right if given the opportunities to right the wrong of leaders past.

According to him,young people in Nigeria just want to go and ‘chop’ in government.

Here is a list of the 10 most outrageous things he said while giving his speech:

– In a statement which sounded very Jonathan-esque, Amaechi said, “At your age I didn’t have money to buy a suit.” He went on to chide the audience at the awards for appearing gay and colourful wondering how they intend to fight leaders accused of embezzling public funds.

– “If a man tries to rape you, beat the sh_t out of him,” he said. He urged ladies to resist any man who tries to take advantage of them by not giving in to any untoward advances.

– “I had one shirt and one trouser in university; to wash on Sunday and sleep.” (The President might want to consider suing our dear governor for copyrights infringements right here. That’s his line, isn’t it.)

– “I could not chase girlfriends as a youth, no girl would date me.”

– “Youth wearing suits are not the type that will be the change Nigeria needs.” (Did we hear anyone say #GBAM? Anyone?!)

– “The office of governor in Nigeria is so comfortable that no one will want to leave.” (There you have it.)

– “My commissioners got up to line up when I came in, they don’t have work….”

– “We put poor children in rich men’s schools so that they can impregnate their daughters…”

– “…We established this policy as a way of redistributing wealth,” he says. (At least one governor has an economic love policy. Quick, vote Amaechi for… err… never mind.)

– He continues his theory saying “If love should catch you ehn? Love knows no boundaries.” (Aww, how philosophical of him…)

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Recently, a popular US website Radaronline blasted Pop star Mariah Carey for “performing in Nigeria,” describing the country as the “world’s centre of bank fraud and human trafficking”.

Carey recently performed at Access Bank’s annual Christmas gig on Saturday, December 14, 2013. The night was also dedicated to the bank’s outgoing managing director, Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede.

Well, a writer (who clearly failed to include his/her name, preferring to use the pseudo ‘Radar Staff’) at Radaronline feels Carey’s trip to the West African country was unwarranted, alleging that “Nigeria is well-known as the centre of the world’s email financial crimes” and is a “country well known for terror, death and fraud”.

The writer even went on to write that the United Nations has described Nigeria as the “hub of human trafficking; a source, destination and transit country”, that there are “mass killings going on in two Nigerian states right now and, according to the Human Rights Watch, the violence is being ignored by federal authorities”.

Well, galling as this may be, the website is not the only one that has attacked Nigeria. Talk-show host Oprah Winfrey did toe the same line some years ago, calling the country a “scammer’s haven”. With all these negative reviews Nigeria is getting, one is forced to ask himself/herself whether these things are happening in the country we know or some fictitious Nigeria.

Is there no good thing about Nigeria that the foreign media can talk about? What about our burgeoning music industry? What about our soldiers who act as peacekeepers the world over? What about our senior football team The Super Eagles who have recently woken up from their slumber to win the African Cup of Nations and qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup? There are many other positive things about this great nation.

One cannot blame them, though. While some may think the website went too far, others think it’s a good thing. At least, they say, our leaders will do the right thing and fix Nigeria!

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Resumption date for students of Ahmadu Bello Zaria,is 29th December 2013, from 30th December 2013 to 11th January 2014 will be two weeks lectures and second semester examination will start on 13th January and ends 25th January 2014.New session begins Sunday 2nd February 2014!

More details soon


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Elnathan John: What I learnt from OBJ’s letter to Jonathan

I am an environmentalist. I believe in conservation and all that National Geographic/Discovery channel business. Gas flaring, bush burning, deforestation all make my stomach churn. To the best of my knowledge I am the only presidential candidate who believes in these things. In fact only recently I announced my plan to become a vegetarian in the next few years, a plan that was recently set back by my discovery of the most amazing nkwobi and isi-ewu in Abakaliki. But God sees my heart. He knows I feel genuinely horrified when I see the brutality with which cat fish are murdered for point-and-kill. That is why I am very sad this week.

General Olusegun Obasanjo sent an 18 page letter to Goodluck Jonathan. Not by email. He printed at least two copies of that letter: a file copy and an acknowledgement copy. That is 36 pages of white non-recycled paper. I shudder to think how many trees it cost the global tax payer for Obasanjo to communicate with his erstwhile political boy. I don’t mean to come between friends who go as far as Nairobi to share a breakfast. I am doing this for the environment.

One thing Obasanjo’s letter revealed is that he desperately needs an editor. Reading those 18 pages I could see Obasanjo standing, arms akimbo behind a typist, dictating the letter and occasionally throwing a slap to correct a foolish typo. By not hiring an editor to reduce that letter to possibly three or four pages, Obasanjo put the trees of our planet at risk. He should know better.
As someone who will soon be president, I am ashamed of Obasanjo’s letterhead. It looked like something he personally designed on Microsoft Word.  What will it take to print quality letterheads like mine? On the bright side however, I am happy that he at least learnt something at the National Open University.

Every time I say that my political rivals are after me, people think I am joking. Obasanjo has revealed how Jonathan has placed 1000 persons on a political watch list. I am sure that is why it is hard for me to make phone calls these days. My name is on that list- I know it. My only hope is that they arranged that list in alphabetical order. I will hate to spend a lot of time searching for my name when I finally get hold of the list.

I am interested in Jonathan’s snipers though. I am interested in where Obasanjo claims they are being trained. We cannot afford to have badly trained snipers. Think of it, when they want to start sniping those of us on that watch list- imagine a badly trained sniper deforming people instead of taking clean shots. Honestly I would rather be shot clean in the heart or head than shot by mistake in the jaw or armpit. I am sure my fellow watch-listees will agree.

Still on that 18page letter I just want to state categorically that no amount of money will make me drop my presidential ambition. I am not like Bola Tinubu who was, according to Obasanjo, “nocturnally brought to Abuja to strike a deal …at great price materially”. Although I like nocturnal movements and will go if the President invites me for a late drink, my conscience and candidacy are not for sale.

I have been thinking of the Yoruba adage that Obasanjo used: “The man with whose head the coconut is broken may not live to savor its succulent fruit.” I am worried about its meaning and accuracy because when a coconut broken on a man head causes death, my thinking is that everyone will be too busy with mourning to think of any succulent fruit. Sometimes I just don’t get these adages.

A friend of my soon-to-be-predecessor called Jonathan the Mandela of our time. At first I was so upset I had a fever. But then I recovered and thought about it again. I will admit this about the man. Jonathan is our Mandela. How? Well just as Mandela on his return from prison and forgave bad people, oppressors, murderers, Jonathan also stays forgiving our corrupt people, those who have raped us and our country. He has a big heart. He just might make heaven. I need to learn this from him when I become president.
I want to congratulate the Supreme Court for providing the last bucket of water for the total cleansing of Chief Bode George, who spent time in jail after being convicted for corruption. His being discharged and acquitted means that he will no longer be referred to as an ex-convict. He is now an Ex-ex-convict. God bless the Justices of the Supreme Court. Journalists please take note.

I heard that Malam Nasiru El-rufai, after spending five years in an FCT High Court was acquitted of charges relating to land grabbing. Five whole years! That is why even as a lawyer, when someone offends me in Nigeria, I find it is more useful to just tell them ‘Allah ya isa’- to leave them in the hands of God. God knows how to deal with my enemies. Just look at what is happening to the PDP.

I know that Barack Obama and Michelle must have already made up, but as a soon-to-be world leader I must say something about the events surrounding the American first couple during Mandela’s funeral in South Africa. While Barrack Obama was acting like an excited 14 year old at a soccer game, laughing, taking selfies, and flirting with the annoyingly gorgeous Danish Prime Minister, Michelle Obama was thinking of the big picture. Like the smart woman that she is, it was clear to her that her man was putting the future of the free world in jeopardy. God bless Michelle. Before Barrack could plunge America into scandal, she saved the self acclaimed greatest nation on earth by switching seats like a mother would do in church when two kids are making noise during a service. Who knows what further steps Barrack would have taken after touching and laughing with Ms Gucci? Michelle knows her history. She knows that the last time an American president was trusted to take care of himself, his privates ended up in the mouth of an intern. Again God bless Michelle.

Ps. Where is the report of the FCT Ministerial Committee on infanticide in more than 40 communities in the FCT? How many more children need to die?


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