Keeping CHRIST Out

Posted: November 2, 2013 in Arise and Shine, Da Grace Race, Dairy of a Freeman, Help Line, Opinion, The Grind Theorem, Touchstone

Not every Religious gathering is about Christ, being in Christ is not a Religion, but a Life style which is only possible by Jesus’s Power and the Holy Spirit and God’s Love.

Now, if you take Nigeria for example, we have Christian Gatherings that focus on Humans, and not Gopd, some are Focused on Their Men of God instead of The God of Men. We can organize programmes, Retreats, Conferences, Crusades or Conventions just to raise funds or prove how potent the power of the Men of God is, instead of How powerful God is. This Days we even hear of Testimonies in Church that sounds like “I want Thank Papa for coming to my rescue when my Husband was sick, he came and healed him…” Now is that not praising the gift more than the Giver?

In every gathering that keeps Christ in the back seat, the devil is usually given the front seat. We can call it signs of the end time but, I call it “the search for Vain Glory”. People now treat the things of God like a business, we now even have Church leaders attending business seminars on how to grow the Church, Pastoring are no more Pastoring but they are now Administrators. The Church and the Business World are basically operating on the same principles these days. Egyptian Principles of engagement is now the other of the day. (Egyptian Principle of Engagement: is the Principle which Pharaoh used to hold the People of Isreal from think of freedom. It is characterized by Increasing Labour, Increasing Activities, Engaging the people with more Work and Occupying their Schedules with tasks upon tasks, all geared toward making them loose focus on theirselves, or think about anything else than the their Task masters.)

These Principles is very visible in almost every place, with Programmes everywhere to engage the People so they can’t think of Leaving the Church to another Church. Men of God, make themselves attached to the congregation that the people can hardly remember Christ but always the Men.

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