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The wedding bells for two of Nigeria’s finest gospel musicians, Eben and Jahdiel is ringing louder than ever.

Ahead of their wedding ceremony this weekend, the couple today performed traditional rites (aka ‘native law and custom’) somewhere at the Ikota, Lekki axis of Lagos. This is fondly called a traditional wedding in Nigeria. It is common in Nigeria for couples to conduct a traditional wedding (sometimes engagement) before the church ceremony.

The Church wedding ceremony is scheduled to take place this Saturday, November 30, 2013 at D.G.M, Plot 4, Off Road 16, Ikota Villa Estate, Lekki Ajah Expressway. Reception follows at The Manor Event Centre, Admiral Ayinla Way, Lekki Phase 1, 3rd Round about, Opposite Treasure Garden Estate, Lagos.

Jahdiel recently released a single ‘Jara’ (Download here).

Well, this is obviously one of the “jara’s” that follows seeking God’s Kingdom.

The couple Eben and Jahdiel looked bright and elated at the ceremony.

We wish them a happy married life.

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Otto is unapologetic about his claim, “if art is dead then I am the resurrection… in a time where both marketers, music labels and promoters are plotting the fade of creativity and it’s demise, I stand in opposition” Vonpablo penned in his memoir on African Art he titled, ‘Death by contempt’.

For those of you who are not conversant with the name Otto Vonpablo, he is born Otto Paul Adah who is not only known for being the President of (ATC CLUB) one of the most influential youth organization in Nigeria but also a renowned Poet and Author; a prolific song writer and Actor.

Otto has grown to be a unique original such that is difficult to categorize, “I am typical of no one else” Otto will say humorously.

Come the 4th of dec, Otto promises to release his “AWOKEN” EP as a serenata to honour the rise of a new dawn as he calls it, ” strange realm of awareness…” Awoken to love, to God… propagating change via the power of music and lyrical content.

“Awoken” is rich, intriguing and melodious in what seem to break-even inspiration vs creativity. From the techno-glazed “Otto-matic Love” and it’s “Full Otto-mation” that yet instills the usual infectious Naija flavor down to the moderate slow rock emotion found in “Songs in the Night” and “Something Beautiful”, such great variety of musical style that makes this EP perfect for any music lover looking for something far more than our typical Naija grooves.

“Writing the verses to the song ‘something beautiful’ was an experience for me” said Vonpablo, ” it was an expression of my blatant honesty and faith in God…”

In as much as it excites us to explore the content of this vast field, Otto still affirms, “it’s just the introduction of myself”.

AWOKEN EP Track List:
1. Everyday is Sunday
2. Otto-Matic love
3 . Something Beautiful
4. Songs In The Night
5. Hush
6. Otto-Matic Love (full OttoMation)
7.Blasphemy (poem)

Otto Vonpablo yesterday presents his latest single “Everyday Is Sunday” featuring Christ Rydaz. This is a prelude to his upcoming Extended Play (EP) of 6 tracks which promises to up the creative ante of the Nigerian gospel music industry.


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In a country where various artist tussle to establish their musical Uniqueness. But very few emerge fully evolved, in full command of their craft, their Identity and their Music.

Oluwaseun Paul Ogundipe otherwise known as “Soul” fits solidly in the latter category. His songs are compelling, proclaiming the arrival of a gifted, creative and noteworthy new talent, one whose music feels way familiar in the best possible, while striking out on its own territory.

Hails from the western part of Nigeria precisely “Ogun State, Abeokuta”, grew in Lagos. Soul played the drums as a child, took music seriously like his whole depended on it to breathe to live. His roots are equal parts traditional, classical, jazz, folk, soul/rnb and christian music and he credits his infinite love for dance and Euphonious pattern on these inventive eras.

He explains, “I started writing songs and composing melodies in my head, and it took my interest in Music to another level. I had to pick d guitar up so I could cut music to the ideas in my head.

Then I started playing the piano, attended Music schools (studying music theory and piano classical) Multi-media training institute studying (‘Live sound, Recording, Mixing and Mastering and Digital Music) funded by My dearest friend, Pastor and mentor Gabriel Araba, to broaden my horizons even more”.

Almost immediately he joined the music and dance team of an interdenominational Christian fellowship and began playing and attending mini-concerts and shows, played local gigs with some friends who played the instruments, to also display his love for dance; he majored in contemporary ballet and traditional”.

I wasn’t interested in anything other than music and dance, and I loved the wide-openness of my life”.

Recording on his phone and playing the songs he was writing for his friends, Soul saw their genuinely excited reaction.

“A friend heard the songs, and even though we were broke, he approached me and we pooled our resources and his borrowed money to set up a recording studio (mark’s studios)”.

Now recording in earnest, soul was gathering skill as a song writer and producer, taking his influences from, India Arie, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Bryan Adams, Tevin Campbell, Maxwell, Bob Marley, Macy Gray, Naomi Campbell, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Tony Bennet, Indian music, Marvin Gaye and Fleetwood Mac, and using them to shape his own style.

“I grew up with a lot of 70s and 80 blues, soul/RnB and church music”. Soul explains, “My uncle used to play Marvin Gaye and Whitney Houston almost every time. I naturally gravitate to that kind of sound; there’s a warmth and timelessness to it that I’ve always loved”.

As his name grew in and around Lagos area, the pieces began to fall into place for Soul. Joining Charis Family Int’l church in Opebi, Lagos, teaming up with his Mentor and Pastor, Gabriel Araba; co-writing and recording theme songs, soundtracks and jingles for some major brands in Nigeria (, which earned him some much needed cash and the notoriety to begin playing and singing in bigger concerts and shows, featuring with main artistes, doing radio and music productions and Sound design for films for an ever increasing local and international audience.

That freedom allowed Soul to self-produce his songs, as well as the space to experiment while making it. Also working as a producer/song writer for so many top local Gospel and secular artists.

He reflects,”There was a lot of trial and error that went into my single and upcoming album. The songwriting is far more detailed, and that was reflected in the way I recorded.

Talking about his group Clubartitude, Sould recalls, We’ve recorded a few songs from my singles diary and also clubartitude’s album. I spent nights and sleepless nights on certain songs, refining them until I thought they were just right”.

With Soul on piano, guitar, drums and various percussion, Yemi Oladun on bass, Daniel west ibit on drums, Tola ‘Tclef’ on piano, SheyhunDavid on keyboards, also featuring celebrity musicians like T beiz, Damilola on guitar, Henry Bass, and producers Okeysokey and Bishop beats, the sound they got is a commanding and infectious one, modern in feel, while also hearkening back to the70-90s jazz, soul, folk and pop that is embedded in his musical DNA.

But as Soul says, “now I am more of a believer than I was at the beginning”.
From the opening notes of “There” his first official single, soon to be released by December.

One hears that combination of melodic irresistibility and lyrical incisiveness that are becoming Soul’s hallmarks. “The song was inspired by God in my heart, more like a letter to a friend in need” Soul notes.

Soul is currently in the studio, recording and rehearsing for his regular live shows “Club3”, playing both acoustic and with his crew. It’s gaining momentum, Soul says, with the band and friends, we’re getting excited.

Being on stage is something I have always wanted.

Soul is playing his songs precisely the way he’s always wanted, creating a fully realized work that is the culmination of where he’s been and where he’s going and one that is sure to win him the notoriety that is demanded by the depth and quality of his songs.

“But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty God giveth them understanding.” (JOB 32:8), he quotes.

Soul and his newly formed crew of five professional musicians (Clubartitude) and independent management outfit, at a live performance recorded a cover of the song ‘The Storm Is Over’ originally recorded by R Kelly and Bishop TD Jakes.

The song sparked some major interest from several audiences so at the end decided to package the live performance and release it to a larger audience. Get yours by hitting the download button below.


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Praiseworld Radio, Africa’s number one internet gospel radio station is set to unveil a new hip-hop initiative branded ‘Praiseworld Bars’.

Praiseworld Bars is a forum that fosters interaction and participation from Nigerian gospel hip hop artistes, the media and hip hop music enthusiasts. The theme for this debut season is “JESUS”. Each participating rapper is expected to jump on the same beat, with 16 bars with lyrics about the theme (JESUS).

Basically, Praiseworld Bars is all about different songs on 1 beat, 16 bars each, with 1 message (JESUS) rendered in diverse versions. The beat, produced by Gameman Beatzjokey is a basic simple hip hop beat, which rappers are expected to bounce on. Artistes on the line up include some hip hop household names.

Praiseworld Radio will officially unveil each artiste’s song (Praiseworld Bars) via its official website and other media platforms, making it available for FREE download by fans, massive airplay and promotion across all Praiseworld Radio’s platforms.

There will also be an hour of the day on Praiseworld Radio in the phase of this project, dedicated to spotlight on the songs (interviews, forums, interaction, Twitter trends).

Praiseworld Bars will officially kick off this November and will run for a duration of 2/3weeks till all artistes’ versions have been released. The project is expected to go far and wide reaching Praiseworld Radio’s fast growing audience around the world, while spreading the good news of Jesus.

Praiseworld Bars joins the league of other innovative projects such as Praise party, Praiseworld Radio Unplugged, #PunchlineFriday and Voice Of Fame, to name a few, which listeners, fans and the general public have received with open arms in the past.

Praiseworld Radio is dedicated to broadcasting pure urban gospel content round the clock, delivering hip and urban gospel entertainment, and employing programming techniques that appeal to teens and young adults who yearn for contemporary gospel music that they can relate with.

It has so far built a dedicated listenership across Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya South Africa, UAE, The United Kingdom, USA, Ukraine, Malaysia, to mention a few

To listen, click

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Jasi by Banky W (Prod. by Masterkraft)

Jasi by Banky W (Prod. by Masterkraft)

According to Banky Wellington @BankyW
He was in the club 1 night and “Bugatti” came on and everybody was dancing and going crazy singing “I woke up in a new bugatti”… which was fun… but he started thinking…I’ve never actually seen, or touched a bugatti. New or Used. And neither had anyone else in the club. But here we were rocking out.

So then I just started thinking like an elderly guy on the street, and a girl was singing that bugatti song…And the words just came to me… “omoge jasi… mi o ni masserratti… mi o le gbe e sinu bugatti… but ma to ju e” Meaning… I ain’t got a masserratti, I can’t put u in a bugatti… but I can handle u… I can take care of u… Ki lo n si e na… je e n fun e kan… (what’s wrong with u… lemme give u sumtin)… hehehe…

So then I called @masterkraft_ and sang the idea for him, and we went to my studio the next day and knocked the beat out”. He also said “whenever I’m writing/singing in Yoruba I try to have @iAmNiyola in the studio cos her Yoruba is perfect so she checks my pronunciation.

So she helped, and then we got her to sing the female response line in the hook. The whole song took less than 2 hours to put together. So she helped, and then we got her to sing the female response line in the hook. The whole song took less than 2 hours to put together.”

The moment “JASI” dropped, It’s fair to say we all knew it was guaranteed to be a hit sooner or later. While the buzz is steadily rising, the EME Supremo, Banky W wastes no time by putting out the official video. With stunning visuals (…and fresh chics… and plenty dancing) to aid the push of an already strong comercial song, it’s safe to say “JASI” is THE complete package. Directed by SESAN. *O.O*

Download and Enjoy the Video

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Dr Conrad Arriving for trials in 2011

Dr Conrad Arriving for trials in 2011

The doctor convicted of killing Michael Jackson has spoken out for the first time to try to clear his name – and claims the superstar died of an accidental overdose.

Dr Conrad Murray told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I did not kill Michael Jackson. He was a drug addict. Michael Jackson accidentally killed Michael Jackson.’

The 60-year-old heart surgeon – released from prison three weeks ago, having served half of his four-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter – began working for Jackson in 2006.

But it was not until he went to help him prepare for his This Is It come-back tour in 2009 that he saw the devastation of his life.

‘He was in crisis at the end of his life, filled with panic and misery,’ he said.
By the end Michael Jackson was a broken man. I tried to protect him but instead I was brought down with him.’

Murray claims Jackson had been dragged ‘into the abyss’ of physical and mental anguish by the pressures of the tour.

He claims he lived in a state of paranoia and filth: maids were not even allowed to take his underwear to be laundered because he feared they would sell it.

Murray insists he was one of the few people the superstar trusted. ‘You want to know how close we were? I held his penis every night to fit a catheter (Condom) because he was incontinent at night.’

The doctor said Jackson’ 5’11” frame had wasted to little over nine stone, he was suffering from chills, insomnia and mood swings and he was dependent on the prescription drug propofol to help him sleep.

Murray claims he had ‘weaned’ Jackson off the drug the singer called ‘milk’ only days before his death on June 25, 2009.

He believes his insomnia that night was due to withdrawal symptoms from another drug, Demerol, an analgesic better known as pethidine, which had been provided by another doctor without his knowledge.

In a claim, made for the first time, Murray insists that while he was out of the room Jackson got up and injected himself with a lethal dose of propofol after Murray had refused to give him the amount he wanted.

The heart surgeon claims he did everything he could to save Jackson. Whether or not you believe him, he has clearly convinced himself.

He says the singer had told him shortly before his death that their names would become ‘inseparable.’ When Murray asked him what he meant ‘he smiled and said: ‘I am clairvoyant.’

Murray has filed an appeal against his conviction.

Micheal Jackson, months before his demise

Micheal Jackson, months before his demise

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By Dele Sobowale

James Madison, one of the founding fathers of the United States, who along with Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826, laid out in the famous book, The Federalist Papers, the outlines of the American constitution, which was later adopted on September 7, 1787 gave that reply to a reporter who had asked him: “What form of government have you given to the American people”? Madison knew from historical experience that freedom and democracy don’t exist simply because a constitution had been written.  Madison and the founding fathers of America and their descendants, till today, knew too well that “eternal vigilance is the price of freedom”.

By contrast, when Nigeria became a republic in 1963, neither the Prime Minister, Alhaji Tafawa Balewa, nor anybody else, warned Nigerians in the same vein. It was just assumed that a democratic republic, once pronounced and a constitution written would guarantee and perpetuate liberty. Unfortunately, for our founding fathers (Ahmadu Bello, Awolowo and Azikiwe included), they were the first victims of their collective folly. The democratic republic they pronounced in 1963 was demolished by a small band of armed adventurers; who promptly sent democracy in Nigeria to the dustbin of history. It has remained there till today.

In fact, what we are practicing today is a of combination banana and slave republic. You ask how? Then, let me count some of the ways we have become the largest slave colony on earth. And why any National Conference, Sovereign or not, will fail.

No government, at any level, national, regional or state, calling itself democratic, treats its citizens with such disdain as Nigerians are treated. I am writing this article on Saturday, November 16, 2013, while the election for Governor of Anambra State is underway. It is known world wide as a bye election – an election taking place outside the normal cycle of national elections. It happens all the time in the United States, whose constitution we borrowed, without caring to learn the collective attitudes that would make the constitution work. I challenge anyone to tell Nigerians when the President of the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, FBI, which is the national law enforcement agency in America and the Electoral Commission had closed the borders of any state holding a bye-election. Yet, the day before the Anambra election, the Nigeria Police, hopefully with the consent of the President of Nigeria, staged a constitutional coup by taking away one of our fundamental rights – The Right to Free Movement.

Nigerians were told that we could not travel through Anambra State for two days for security reasons. I will bet anyone any amount of money that no Police officer and no President of the United States can issue such an order and have it obeyed. The Americans would just ignore “the nut”, as he would be called, and those wanting to go to that state will go anyway. Why? Because America is the “land of the free and home of the brave”. Here we are a nation of slaves and cowards and our leaders know us. Even the National Assembly, which should see the coup against the people, for what it is, kept silent. David Mark, I can forgive, he never went to law school. But, the Speaker of the House of Representatives is a lawyer. Why their collective silence is pregnant with danger will be revealed at the end of this article.

At state level, the same disregard for citizens is patently manifest as examples, drawn from two political parties will illustrate. Let me start with Ogun State, APC, where massive demolition is underway. The last time the Southwest experienced such inhuman demolition was when Colonel Raji Rasaki (rtd) descended like a Typhoon on the people of Maroko in Victoria Island and now Lekki and mindlessly rendered hundreds of thousands homeless without compensations or alternative means of abode. We shook our heads in disbelief and shrugged it off. What do you expect of Mad dogs (as late Chief MKO Abiola had called the military officers who invaded his house) anyway. But, this Governor Bulldozer, and called “progressive”, only in 2011 was begging the people for their votes. How many would have voted for him, if they knew that by 2013 they would be rendered homeless and asked to come and collect compensations unilaterally determined by government afterwards? Is this democracy in practice? And where is the State House of Assembly in all these?

When the mind turns to Governor Wada of Kogi State, it immediately thinks Convoy Terrorism. His convoy’s collision with Iyayi’s vehicle, killing the Professor and halting FG-ASUU talks, was the third involving the Governor since December 28, 2013. So, it has been one crash every four months and the year is not over yet. I can testify that Wada’s Convoy Terrorism has become legendary in Kogi State. In February this year, on my way from Enugu, heading for Abuja, I encountered the menace near the Confluence Hotel in Lokoja. The road was terrible; but that did not deter Wada’s convoy from speeding like demons. Even when vehicles moved off the road for them, some of the policemen in the convoy will still kick out or hit with the butt of their guns, vehicles which failed to drive into the ditch fast enough so that Kogi’s Lord and master can move as fast as the Devil will drive his convoy. Several deaths have occurred on account of a man whose first duty is the safety of the citizens. And, where is the State Assembly? Where are the people in Kogi saying enough to a governor who apparently cannot control his delirium of power?

In my ten years in the US, I found myself stopped at traffic lights, in Boston, four times with two Governors of Massachusetts. None violated the red light stopping every citizen. But, I forgot. Those governors were human beings leading other human beings not the political monsters we have created to rule over slaves.

Since the Police can order us to stay away from Anambra for three days “for security reasons”, what stops the Army from closing the borders to Abuja for a week or month for the same reasons if they choose? The black man is backward because he, alone among races, cannot think deeply until the precedents they allow come to haunt them.

These are only examples.

LAST LINE: Despite the coup against the people, the election will still be disputed. So what was the use of violating our constitutional rights?

Op-ed pieces from Vanguard

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After a long break from the frontline the “Olo mi” crooner, Tosin Martins is back with not one but two classy new songs. These songs are both a testament to the fact that He is an extraordinary musician and a harbinger of Great hits.

Check out ‘Thank God Music’ & ‘Damilorun’ by Tosin Martins. Both are very good am so sure you will Love it.

Download Thank God Music


Share your thoughts.

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Ok he might not look like Rick ross or walk like Diddy but he is definitely the Game.

He is our Favourite Ribenna boy, He goes by the Name “Dusten Truce”

He is currently the favorite to win the ongoing NOKIA DON’T BREAK THE BEAT #DBDB rap battle competition.

To vote for him kindly dial +23412776096 (its totally free) or visit

D-Truce finally hits us with a follow up to his Mixtape “The Truce Shall Set You Free” #TSSYF which he put out in june this year..
Check it out here

He’s currently working on a joint project with world renowned producer “BIG FOOT” of mic worx which is set to drop next year.

Anyways, Dusten Truce hops on J.cole’s “in the morning” instrumental to deliver a masterpiece. Mixed and mastered by no other than TinTin.. Download and Enjoy.


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More Six Packs is hitting the screen as Prolific singer, producer and songwriter, Harrysong, signed to 5 Star Music is back with an amazing video, following his hit single “Beta Pikin”.

The video was shot in South Africa with creativity, diversity and lots of new dance steps.

The video features appearances from Kcee and Del B, who produced the song.

Download Video

Pix from the Video Shoot

Pix from the Video Shoot

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