Beverly Threathen Angelo with Juju, Flight barred from Lagos

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Entertainment, Opinion, Sarcasm

WARNING ::: This is a Fictional tale

The last has not been heard from Nigerian representative at the recently concluded Big Brother Africa The Chase series, Beverly Osu, as she has reportedly threatened her in-house lover, Angelo, with juju.

This is coming on the heels of Angelo’s engagement to his girlfriend moments after the show ended. The heartborken Beverly got wind of this and has been in tears since last night, FNN sources tell us.

Our source was told that she became really angry and started making threats saying “Angelo! Angelo! Angeloo!!! How many times did I call you?? So you want to break my heart like this? NO! You can’t break a Nigerian girl’s heart and go scot free! Mbanu! I will go to the best juju man in Onitsha! I will tie you wife’s womb! You must love me again! If you won’t love me then no one else will have you!!!”

FML via FNN can also confirm that 2Shotz, her ‘alleged’ ex lover is making plans to be at the airport when she touches down. Just to laugh at her. Gov. Fashola of Lagos state has also asked that her flight be diverted to Kano Airport, after all the nonsense she said “about arranging girls for him” during the show.


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