Where My Trust Lies (A Conversation with God)

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Arise and Shine, Da Grace Race, Dairy of a Freeman, The Grind Theorem, Touchstone
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I look up to God alone

I look up to God alone

This Morning, in a Conversation with God, I told Him I was disappointed in myself and in People and He said “Son, To be Disappointed in yourself and People means, you have been laying your trust in the wrong place “trust in Me and you will never be disappointed”.

Now this got me thinking of several ways, events, opportunities, Tests, Relationships, situations and Voyages that I would have simply trusted God but, I failed because I was trusting the Creation instead of the Creator. I laid my reliance on vain things and what did I get? Vain Glory; that’s right, “Vanity upon Vanity”.

But, The Conversations with Elohim these has being helping me see my wrong. He at one point asked me, “Son, how do you expect to graduate with a 1st Class degree when you rely on a Primary 5 Pupil to tutor you?” Then he refered me back to my Devotion Scripture for the Day, (Luke 6) but He hammered on Verse 40 of that Chapter (Please do read from the Amplified or The Message or The Living Bible Versions).

Am still awe struck at the illumination that greeted my senses this morning. I have been robbing myself of so many great blessings and I am the sole architect of my own Haunted Villa. I would have trusted in Him alone not even on myself. I only wish I knew this back then: wait a minute, hmmmm, I think I knew this, but was to afraid to trust in God solely. Maybe because, I grew up with the Proverb “Never put all you eggs in one Basket” ringing in my brain like a fire Alarm. But today my Mindset has been remodelled, I now know I can put all my eggs in one Big Basket Provided the Basket is God’s and Elohim will carry the Basket. I am certain that he loves me too much to mishandle my eggs. I am sure he will even go as far as underlaying the basket with Foam and Cushions so that my eggs can be warm and comfortable untill the hatch into Eagles.

Beloved I want to urge you to take a look at your life and see how well you have faultered in your Trust. I assure you, as long as you still trust in your ability or that of people, pretty soon Tragedy will come knock on your door and you will eventually panic and pee in your pants till you die.

You want to live long? Trust in God
You want to be successful? Rely on Him alone.

Though it may tarry but the vision is for an appointed time, it will not decieve or disappoint.



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