We still possess the remedy

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Hmmm, Metro, Naija Scene, Opinion

All is not lost, we still possess the remedy – Abdullahi Musa Liman

“All serious countries that have emerged from behind to become leading nations had to frontally deal with the issue of corruption. Lee Kuan Yew’s first act as the leader of Singapore was to tackle corruption. China responds to corruption with execution by firing squad. Jerry Rawlings started the reconstruction of Ghana with the execution of past corrupt leaders by firing squad. And there are usually long and harsh jail terms for corrupt people, no matter how highly placed, in western nations of the United States, Britain, France and others. Remember the most recent story of a chap called Bernie Madoff in the United States? He is virtually serving a life sentence.” – Sam Nda Isaiah

Nigeria is always a case study worldwide in corruption, “special treatment” as they call it. Today it is fair to say that Nigeria has not even commenced its journey to join the rest of the world.

Nigerians are the problem with Nigeria; our adoption and attitude to bigotry (religious and ethnic), complaisant followership builds up to the tragedy of leadership we have.

Muslims and Christians who lived as one now get along in fear and suspicion. Is this rupture not what these mercenaries exploited to divide us? We should make it an obligation on ourselves to teach and share some knowledge of history; especially the history of precedence and foresight. Every criticism now is strung out along ethnic and religious lines. Remember when ethnicity and religion were secondary to being a Nigerian? Remember when we had leaders who were steadfast, leaders who were predisposed to do good to the people and the nation?

That aside, all that the common man in Nigeria wants are opportunities for honest work to meet up to his responsibilities, a market for his farm produce, schools for his children, a hospital when sick, and security of life and property. Is that too much to ask, especially as we are the Africa’s largest oil exporter?

Instead, we leave the venal individuals in power with the notion that they know what is good for us? We allow them get away with their sweet-talks like the famous “I had no shoes”. When will we open our eyes and separate the chaffs from the grains?

Party politics and ethnic sentiments don’t seem to be the answer. Sincerity and commitment is what we should look forward for. Our future is waning by the day. We should strongly oppose money politics, we should chase out those who took advantage of our dark days of hate, of tribulations if they come back with the same old tactics and we should be aware of their new tactics.

Agreed; poverty, unemployment, insecurity prevails in all parts of the country, but we should also give it a reason, as we were not plagued by these maladies before. Thankfully we now know the problem; we should look beyond pinning blames on foreign agents as those behind our misfortune.

We should look into ourselves; a chance to change is fast approaching (2015). I shouldn’t vote for Adamu because he is from the North or a Muslim, like wise I shouldn’t vote for Nnamdi because he is from the East or a Christian. I should rather vote for competency, dedication and patriotism. I should vote for our future and for Nigeria. Nigeria is the only country we have, so regardless of how good or bad a government is, we should be change proxies. Let us set the ball rolling

Abdullahi Musa Liman wrote in from Bauchi.


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