3 Questions to ask when your Spouse Cheats

Posted: July 28, 2013 in Dairy of a Freeman, Family, Help Line, Hmmm, The Grind Theorem

If you think Men were created to Cheat?
Wrong Dear, I must say, “your man must not cheat on you, and men were not created that way”. Believe me, Dear, if the plan of God was for men to cheat, then God would have created Adam and Eve and maybe 2 or 3 other girls in the Garden of Eden.

If a man cheats on a woman, then the woman should sit down and ask herself this 3 questions:
1. Does this man have the Fear of God?
2. Was I blinded by Love or lust, that I couldn’t see the animal overshadowing him before trusting him with my Heart?
3. What am I doing wron in the Relationship?

Seriously the reasons why men cheat is tucked under the answers to these questions.

For example: A God fearing Man, will not definitely know that Cheating in a relationship is a Sin, and won’t want to be found cheating, not Just because it will hurt his spouse but because it will grief God.

Most people both Men and Women, Usually get into relationships with the assumed Mr/Mrs Perfect because of what they can see, or how much sway, the person has. Well if you were swept off your feet, be ready to stand up with your clothes dirty. Look beyond the physical things, gauge his/her Character and try find the very aspects of their life, they won’t want you to know.

Ask them questions or sooner you will be questioning yourself. And please while asking questions, don’t pre-empt the answers, keep an open mind and expect a sincere answer from your “wanna-be-spouse”. Don’t have the “all guys/gals are the same mindset”, it will precondition your heart to expect untrue answers. With such a mindset, you won’t be able to recognise the truth even if they tell you over and over again. (These happened to me recently, she had a mindset so even my truth was welcomed with “lie-detectors” at the gate of her heart).

When you keep expecting him to do wrong, you will rob yourself off the blessings of God in that Relationship.

This reason in particular has been the very reason for 86% of the failed Relationships you know.

Furthermore, you will have to check, check and re-check to make sure you are doing the right thing in the Relationship, because when someone cheats, in the real sense, they are only seeking for either more Respect, Attention or Happiness that their spouse couldn’t give them. Try being the Perfect Person and your dream Spouse will not have to out to fulfil other peoples’ dreams.

I love you but God loves you More

Ralph Hephzy Freeman.

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