Posted: April 30, 2013 in Dairy of a Freeman, Hmmm, Opinion


Having listened to Mr. David Icke’s 7 hour presentation titled “Get Off Your Knees- The Lion Sleeps No More” on youtube for the second time in two weeks, I am convinced that the greatest evil in the world today is what he has rightly labelled as “Rothschild Zionism”. 

It presents the greatest danger to America as a nation, to the Jews themselves, to the Jewish State of Israel, to the Palestinian people, to the Arabs, to every single one of the three great monotheist religious faiths of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, to the entire world and its value system and to humanity itself. Simply put the evil and deceit of these monsters and their pervasive control of the entire world system is beyond human comprehension. 

There are no words in the English language to describe just how inhuman, insensitive, wicked, pervasive, reprehensible and psychotic they are. May Jesus come soon and may God bring each and every one of these reptilian devil worshippers and servants of Satan to heel. Sadly Nigeria now seems to be high up on their agenda of utter destruction with the Boko Haram saga unfolding beautifully. Soon they will offer to “step in”, “break us up as a country” and “fix the problem” for us just as they “fixed Mali’s problem”. 

The irony of it all is that few know that THEY created, nurtured, sponsored and sustained that problem in the first place because it was part of their insidious agenda to control the entire world and bring us a little closer to their publically stated objective of a “one world government” and a “one world army”. 

I urge you to set aside a few hours, to watch this video and to learn about so many things and so many people that are on the world stage today. Icke presents his case in a very convincing and compelling manner. 

Find out about the ”reptilian” connection of the English monarchy, the activities of George Bush senior in the world of pedophilia and child sacrifice, the activities of the Rothschilds, the role of successive American Presidents, British Prime Ministers and other world leaders, their links with Satanism, the Bohemian Grove, the Illuminati, commerce, secret societies, the media and so much more. These are indeed perilous times. We must learn, we must watch and we must pray.



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