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Having listened to Mr. David Icke’s 7 hour presentation titled “Get Off Your Knees- The Lion Sleeps No More” on youtube for the second time in two weeks, I am convinced that the greatest evil in the world today is what he has rightly labelled as “Rothschild Zionism”. 

It presents the greatest danger to America as a nation, to the Jews themselves, to the Jewish State of Israel, to the Palestinian people, to the Arabs, to every single one of the three great monotheist religious faiths of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, to the entire world and its value system and to humanity itself. Simply put the evil and deceit of these monsters and their pervasive control of the entire world system is beyond human comprehension. 

There are no words in the English language to describe just how inhuman, insensitive, wicked, pervasive, reprehensible and psychotic they are. May Jesus come soon and may God bring each and every one of these reptilian devil worshippers and servants of Satan to heel. Sadly Nigeria now seems to be high up on their agenda of utter destruction with the Boko Haram saga unfolding beautifully. Soon they will offer to “step in”, “break us up as a country” and “fix the problem” for us just as they “fixed Mali’s problem”. 

The irony of it all is that few know that THEY created, nurtured, sponsored and sustained that problem in the first place because it was part of their insidious agenda to control the entire world and bring us a little closer to their publically stated objective of a “one world government” and a “one world army”. 

I urge you to set aside a few hours, to watch this video and to learn about so many things and so many people that are on the world stage today. Icke presents his case in a very convincing and compelling manner. 

Find out about the ”reptilian” connection of the English monarchy, the activities of George Bush senior in the world of pedophilia and child sacrifice, the activities of the Rothschilds, the role of successive American Presidents, British Prime Ministers and other world leaders, their links with Satanism, the Bohemian Grove, the Illuminati, commerce, secret societies, the media and so much more. These are indeed perilous times. We must learn, we must watch and we must pray.



On the 20th April 1653 (exactly 360 years ago to the day that I am writing this essay) Oliver Cromwell, who was the Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland and the greatest statesman and revolutionary that England ever knew, stormed the English ”Rump Parliament” at Westminster and courageously pronounced the following words after which he sacked Parliament and boldly took power. He said-

”It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money. Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter’d your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Republic? Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil’d this sacred place, and turn’d the democracy temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress’d, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. In the name of God, go!” –OLIVER CROMWELL

Cromwell was undoubtedly one of the greatest and most courageous men that ever lived and he is certainly one of my heroes. Not only was he moved by a compelling and irresistible zeal and thirst for righteousness in high places and by the power of the Holy Spirit but he, like the biblical Jehu, was ready to pay the supreme price and sacrifice his life in order to effect it and bring lasting change to England. He abhorred corruption and injustice and his puritan roots and Christian fundamentalist background and upbringing caused him to oppose the excesses of the Catholic Church in his day and the awesome power and influence of the Catholic Bishops and their Pope. Quite apart from saving her from the excesses of Catholicism and the sheer brutality of the Jesuit Order and the Spanish Inquisition, Cromwell literally and single-handedly also saved England from the tyranny of absolutist monarchs and the evil of corrupt Parliamentarians. He was indeed the father of modern-day parliamentary and participatory democracy in Great Britain and it was he alone that shattered the myth and demonic philosophy of the ”divine right of kings” to rule with ”absolute power”. 

Let us carefully consider the words that he spoke and read them once again. Let us imbibe their spirit and feel their power and passion. These are sacred and divinely-inspired words that were spoken 360 years ago to a sitting all-powerful Parliament that had just triumphed in a civil war against the King of England and had chopped off his head. Cromwell, who was a Member of Parliament himself, had led the armies of that Parliament into the field of battle on numerous occasions. He was indeed the Commander of its army and the main inspiration and motivator for the revolution and rebellion against the King. Not only did he defeat the Royal Army of King Charles 1st in various battles and win the civil war but he also apprehended the King, arrested him, brought him to justice before the courts of law and had him executed. This was the first time that a King was brought to justice before a Court of Law and executed in the history of England. All seemed well and the House of Commons ruled until Cromwell noticed how the new-found power of this new Parliament had utterly corrupted it’s members. 

They were drunk with power and they wielded it with impunity and no sense of decency and restraint. Worse still they were hopelessly corrupt. In time he knew that they would have to go as well. He knew that a new order, which truly imbibed the spirit of justice, accountability, good governance, decency, Christian sobriety, restraint and democracy, had to be put in place. He knew that only he could effect that change and that is precisely what he did by furiously storming Parliament, courageously confronting it’s members, speaking those chilling yet insightful words and forcefully taking power from them on this very day (April 20th) 360 years ago. He risked everything, including life, liberty and limb. Yet, without hesitation, he did it all for his beloved England. He was moved and driven by his deeply religious convictions and his puritanical faith. Nothing could stop him and, for him, failure was not an option because He knew that God was with him. He did not only succeed beyond his wildest imagination but he also laid a glorious foundation for the future of England and he was probably the greatest reformer that ever ruled that great and sturdy island nation.

I look at Nigeria today and the behaviour of our collective overlords reminds me very much of the behaviour of the pre-Cromwellian ”Rump Parliament” in England. Can anyone be in any doubt that it is time for us to speak those same words that Oliver Cromwell spoke to the English Parliament on April 20th, 1653 to our own our leaders here in Nigeria. Are those words not more appropriate for our leaders today than at any other time in our history? Yet who will utter them? Who will go forth courageously and speak truth to tyranny in the power of the Lord. When will our God raise our own deliverer? Where is our own Oliver Cromwell or our own biblical Jehu? When will the Nigerian people say ”enough is enough” and demand the change that they so desperately crave and yearn? When will they wake up from their accursed slumber and wipe away the facial mess with which they have been stained, smothered, blinded, deafened and silenced? When will the luciferian spell that has been placed upon them be finally broken? When will they be free of this unwholesome bondage and be rid of their godless fears? When will their shackles be finally broken and when will they see, feel, hear and live again? When, O when, will our people be free and when will they become the pride of Africa that they were destined to be? 

Why has fate been so cruel to us and why has our star dimmed and refused to shine brightly? Why do we always take ten steps forward and twenty steps backwards? Why is our case and example one of constant failure, ineptitude, defeat, shame, lack and incompetence? What is wrong with the Federal Republic of Nigeria and what plagues and afflicts the Nigerian people?

Since 1960 every single one of our potential deliverers has failed. They have not been allowed to emerge and even when they do emerge they have not been allowed to succeed. They have either been killed, jailed, vilified, belittled or destroyed by the system and the neo-colonial conservative forces that have sworn to resist change. Worse still the sheer naivety, nauseating timidity and simple lack of insight and foresight of the ordinary people, who seem to have cultivated an extraordinary capacity to tolerate injustice, incompetence, wickedness and evil in their land, does not help. 

As a matter of fact it is that attitude and that cowardly and weak mindset that has sustained the disastrous system that has held Nigeria captive since 1960. The average Nigerian would rather go to the church or to the mosque to bear his or her mind to the priest or imam and pray about his or her numerous challenges rather than march in the streets and demand a change for the better from their Government and President. Yet it is only in our country that men and women suffer from such a lack of firm resolve and such a sorry and tepid affliction. Karl Marx’s view that ”religion is the opium of the masses” has no greater meaning or significance anywhere in the world than in Nigeria where we all, in a most cowardly manner, hide behind the cleric and imam’s ornate robes and refuse to insist on our God-given rights from the government and the state. What a tragedy we have become. We deserve nothing but pity. 

Other nations have been blessed with many Oliver Cromwell’s over the centuries and years yet sadly it is not so with us. Ill-fortune is our portion and we are cursed because we enjoy killing and vilifying all of our heroes and deliverers whilst others recognise and revere theirs and grant them the right and opportunity to do that which they were born to do- that is to take their respective nations by the scruff of the neck, to take them from strength to strength and to lead them to glory.

A few examples will suffice. The United States of America had George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. France had Marat, Robspiere, Napolean Bonaparte, Jaques De Gaulle and Francois Mitterand. Russia had Lenin, Stalin and Gorbachev. Germany had Count Bismark and Helmut Schmidt. Britain, a truly blessed land, had Cromwell, William Gladstone, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. Italy had Garibaldi. Ghana had Kwame Nkrumah and John Jerry Rawlings. Burkina Faso had Thomas Sankara. South Africa had Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela. Senegal had Leopold Senghor. Kenya had Jomo Kenyatta and Odinga Odinga. The Congo had Patrice Lumuba. Zimbabwe had Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe (yes Mugabe). Israel had Ben Gurion, Golda Meir and Menachim Begin. Chile had Alleyende. Cuba had Fidel Castro. Angola had Dos Santos. Bolivia had Oscar Bolivar. Venezuela had Hugo Chavez. India had Pundit Nehru, Mahatmah Gandhi and Indira Ghandi. Pakistan had Mohammed Ali Jinah and Zuhlfikar Ali Bhutto. Turkey had Kamel Attaturk. Libya had Muammar Ghaddafi (yes Ghaddafi). Egypt had Gammel Nasser. Jordan had King Hussein. Iran had Ayatollah Khomeini. Singapore had Lee Kwan Yew. Malaysia had Dr. Mahatir. The list goes on and on and from continent to continent. 

All these names belonged to great and noble men and women who made their mark and created a great legacy for their respective nations and peoples even though some of them were murdered, jailed and cut short whilst doing so. Yet in the end each and everyone of them triumphed because they made a difference to their generation and to those that came after them from generation to generation. In the Nigerian context the question is this- when will our great stars emerge and when will Nigeria’s time to shine on the world stage come? When will the words of Oliver Cromwell find relevance in our space and when will the Lord answer our prayer and deliver us from the evil that plagues our land. May God bless and redeem our beloved homeland. May He have mercy upon her, may He defend her, may He deliver her and may He cause His face to shine brightly upon her.

One day our time will come. One day Nigeria shall shine.

You must have heard his songs on many radio stations across Africa, on the lips of Choristers, or even on the Dance floors. His kind of Music is uniquely endowed with the ability to fully bring down the Glory of God in any place his Music is Played or Sang.

Hence I call Him Presence-O-Meter, because, he doesn’t only bring down the presence of God but also can serve as a Measuring device for the amount of God’s presence in a Gathering.

He is no other person than, the “You too dey Bless me” and “Omem ma” Song-maker, Frank Edwards

Frank Edwards

Frank Edwards

Mr. Edwards was born into a family of seven. He has five siblings. He began singing at the age of ten years. He learned to play the piano from his father when he was young. In his teenage years, he became a Christian.He has four albums to his name. Frank Edwards (nicknamed rich boy) is a member of Christ Embassy Church in Nigeria and LoveWorld Music Ministry.

Mr. Edwards plays several musical instruments and is a keyboardist in Christ Embassy Church. His debut album The Definition was released in 2008. It was 14 tracks Album and was distributed by Honesty Music. Angels on the Runway his second album was released in 2010 and another one Unlimited in 2011.He has four albums currently, the latest one “tag jam” was released in November 2011 which he specially made for teenagers and the young at heart. He is currently known as Nigeria’s Hottest Gospel rock artiste Now in Nigeria.

In May 2011 he was nominated as the Gospel artiste of the year in the 6th Annual Nigeria Entertainment Awards (NEA). He won the award of the best Gospel Rock artiste in the 1st annual Awards  he also won west Africa best male vocalist in 2012/ best hit single at the love world awards 2012/ and 3 awards at the Nigeria gospel music awards (male artiste of the year, song of the year and best male vocal)

He has got a New song Released Today. it is Title: “Papa Nara ekele” it is a Thanksgiving Song

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The Joint Task Force (JTF) in Yobe said it arrested four suspects, recovered arms and ammunitions in Wednesday’s raid of suspected terrorists’ camp in Majari village in Gujba local government area.

men of the Nigerian Army

men of the Nigerian Army

This was contained in a statement by Lt. Lazarus Eli, the JTF spokesman, in Damaturu yesterday, saying “at about 23hrs on Wednesday, men of the Joint Task Force raided the suspected terrorist camp in Majari village close to Buni Yadi, the headquarters of Gujba local government area”.

He said four suspected terrorists were arrested in the camp with one Isuzu pick up van, 10 motorcycles, bomb making materials and 200 rounds of ammunition.

Other items recovered include one police anti-riot gun, one pistol, one Dane gun, 43 tear gas canisters, two police uniforms, one lap top and one desk top computers.

He said the JTF also recovered two generating sets, 13 military kit pads, four police berets, police helmet and boots, medical box with assorted drugs, several assorted clothing, cooking pots and food items. (NAN)



a poem by Femi Fani-Kayode

, 2009

It is 20 years since the fall of the Berlin wall and since the world was returned to safety and sanity.

Thank God for His awesome power and for His final victory over the evil empire of communism which boastfully proclaimed that there was no God. 

In the same way every wall in our nation Nigeria that stands against God’s counsel for our lives and for our people shall eventually fall. No matter how powerful or how untouchable, no matter how wicked and deceitful, no matter how treacherous, cowardly and self-seeking, they will surely fall. 

And when that time comes, that irrepressable agent of change called truth shall finally emerge and it shall make itself known to all. It is only when that happens that our people will truly be free and it is only when that occures that lasting and real change, which we so obviously and so desperately need, will come to our beleaugerd and sickly land. 

This season of lies, persecution, witchunting, disinformation, tribalism, incompetence, laziness, national infirmity coupled with the most vicious form of vindictiveness and pettiness will soon be gone with the wind. 

And when that happens, it is at that time that those that believe that they will be in power forever and those that think that they can destroy the lives and dreams of others and shatter the destiny of our great nation will know that they are not God. 

Those walls that have been built on deceit and whose deepest and strongest foundations are fortified by the spirit of Jezebel shall soon fall. And we shall all live to see it. The triumph of good over evil is certain. This wall shall fall. It is just a matter of time. 



One of the most important foundations of any civilisation is history. If we do not know our own history, who we are, who and what our forefathers were and where we came from then we are truly lost. In the film production of J. R. Tolkien’s famous book titled ”Lord Of The Rings” one of the most compelling yet tragic lines reads as follows- ”Thousands of years passed by….history became legend and legend became myth”. Few words are as profound as this and the import of those words resonate nothing but the deepest wisdom. The lesson that we can draw from this insightful truism is simple. 

If you do not learn and continue to remind yourself of your history as a person, as a family, as a people, as a nationality, as a tribe and as a nation the likelihood is that what is historical fact gradually pales into an intangible and unlikely legend and then it eventually turns into nothing but an ephemeral myth. And once such sacred historical facts become nothing but myth it destroys the soul and the foundation of your very existence as an individual, as a family, as a people and as a nation. 

When you do not know, care to know or care to learn and remember what your roots are, no matter how humble or seemingly inconsequential those roots may be, you become a nothing. It is to avoid the possibilty of history turning into legend and legend turning into myth that I have chosen to put on record the facts about one of the most distinguished and well-educated Nigerians that ever lived by the name of Victor Adedapo Kayode. 

Rev. Emmanuel Adedapo Kayode, was an Anglican priest who studied theology at Fourah Bay College in Sierra Leonne and who graduated with an M.A. (Durham) in 1892. He was of the yoruba tribe and came from the ancient town of Ile-Ife in the old Osun province of south-western Nigeria. He was educated by the Anglican church from a very young age and after graduating from university and finishing at the seminary he rose through the ranks of the church and served as an Anglican priest throughout his life. He built, planted, established and pastored some of the earliest Anglican churches in Ile-Ife itself and in Osun province, Ondo province and Ijebu province as they then were. 

Rev. Emmanuel Adedapo Kayode married the daughter of the famous Lagosian Rev. M.S. Cole and they had eight children. The first of those children was Victor Adedapo Kayode who is the subject of this essay and who was born in 1899. Rev. E.A. Kayode’s wife Mrs. E.A. Kayode (nee Cole) came from a very distinguished and illustrious lineage. Her mother was from the famous Savage family of Lagos and her first cousin’s were lawyer William Akinlade Savage (who was called to the English Bar in 1906) and Dr. Richard Akinwade who with Sir Kitoye Ajasa, Dr. J.K. Randle and Dr. Orisadipe Obasa established the conservative People’s Union in 1909. 

This was Nigeria’s first political party and they were opposed to Sir Herbert Macaulay’s more radical approach to political issues in the Lagos colony. Macaulay later established the NNDP and cultivated the support of the largely illiterate Lagos masses whilst the elites gravitated towards the Peoples Union. The NNDP was to later metamorphosise into the NCNC which turned out to be one of the greatest and most powerful forces in the politics of south-western and southern Nigeria in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. In 1945, whilst on his deathbed, Herbert Macauly handed over the leadership of the NCNC to a rising young and igbo star that had been resident in Lagos virtually all his life by the name of Nnamdi Azikiwe.

The first son of Rev. and Mrs. E.A. Kayode , Victor Adedapo Kayode, was educated at Kings College, Lagos. In 1917 he matriculated at Selwyn College, Cambridge University and in 1920 he graduated and was awarded his M.A. degree in law. He did his masters at Cambridge as well and he graduated and was awarded his LLB masters degree in 1921. Victor Kayode enrolled at the Middle Temple and was called to the British Bar in 1922. He came top in his exams at both Cambridge University (both the first and second year tripos) and at the Middle Temple. This remarkable feat was repeated by his own son Babaremilekun Fani-Kayode approximately 20 years later when he followed in his illustrious father’s footsteps and attended both institutions. 

Victor Adedapo Kayode got married to Miss Aurora Fanimokun in Chelsea, London in 1920. Aurora Fanimokun was the first daughter of the respected Rev. Suberu Fanimokun of the Lagos colony (as it then was) and he was the Principal of the famous CMS Grammer School, Lagos. Like his colleague in holy orders and future in-law Rev. E.A. Kayode, Rev. Suberu Fanimokun also graduated in 1892 with an M.A. (Durham) from Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leonne. After graduating Fanimokun married Miss Bucknor of the distinguished Bucknor family of Lagos. Her brother was the famous lawyer E. Bucknor who was called to the english Bar in 1896 and who was also a friend of Sir Kitoye Ajasa. Apart from Aurora, Rev. Fanimokun and Mrs. Fanimokun (nee Bucknor) also had a son that graduated from Glasgow University as a medical practitioner in the early 1920’s. 

All these families constituted the cream of Lagos high society in their day. It was by dint of fate and providence that the son and daughter of Rev. E.A. Kayode and Rev. S. Fanimokun, both of whom were contemporaries and illustrious Anglican priests, ended up getting married in 1920. The first child of that marriage was Babaremilekun Fani-Kayode who was born in Chelsea, London in 1921. At that time London was the most affluent city in the western world yet 30 per cent of Londoners were living below the poverty line. This shows that even the most developed cities and nations in the world once went through very hard times as well. 

After being called to the British bar in 1922 Victor Adedapo Kayode went back to Lagos, Nigeria where he set up one of the most successful legal practices of his day. He specialised in criminal law. He occassionally intervened in the politics of the day in Lagos colony but his forte was law and because he was acknowledged as one of the best lawyers of his day he was appointed as a magistrate in 1940. In those days there were no Nigerian magistrates and judges. They were all British. 

Olumuyiwa Jibowu was the first Nigerian to become a magistrate in 1931 and then Adebiyi Desalu followed him in 1938. Adetokunboh Ademola was the third in 1939 and then came Victor Adedapo Kayode, F.E.O. Euba and George Frederick Dove-Edwin in 1940. F.O. Lucas was appointed in 1941. These were the first Nigerians to become magistrates and virtually all of them went on to the higher bench and did exceedingly well. Unfortunately in 1941, just one year after being appointed as a magistrate, Victor Adedapo Kayode died at the relatively young age of 42 whilst he was presiding over an important land case. 

A few of years after his death Madame Aurora Kayode remarried. Her second husband was Ernest ikoli, a well-known and very prominent ijaw man that had been resident in Lagos virtually all his life. Ikoli was a journalist by profession and he was the editor of two very powerful newspapers. He was very active in the politics of Lagos, he was one of the founders of the Nigerian Youth Movement (which later metamorphosied into the Action Group) and he was the man that was credited as being Obafemi Awolowo’s mentor and benefactor and that actually funded his education in the United Kingdom when he went there to study law. Ikoli was best of friends with Sir Adeyemo Alakija and many other Lagos elites in his day. Madame Aurora had 7 children for her first husband V.A. Kayode (4 sons and 3 daughters) but she had no children for Ikoli.

Victor Adedapo Kayode and Madame Aurora Kayode (nee Fanimokun) were the parents of Victor Babaremilekun Adetokunboh Fani-Kayode, the former Minister of Chieftaincy and Local Government Affairs and Deputy Premier of Nigeria’s old Western Region. They were also the grandparents of David Oluwafemi Adewunmi Fani-Kayode, Nigeria’s former Minister of Aviation and former Minister of Culture and Tourism. It was as a symbol of the deep affection that Chief Babaremilekun Fani-Kayode had for his mother, Madame Aurora, that he added the prefix of her maiden name (which was ”Fani”) to our surname (which was ”Kayode”) and hence the name ”Fani-Kayode” was created. It is my intention to ensure that this legend does not become myth. 

God bless Nigeria.

At last, President Goodluck Jonathan has given a clear, if inadvertent, indication of the intention of his administration in the war against corruption. His pardon of convicted former Governor of Bayelsa state, D.S.P. Alamieyesiegha (Alams for short), against all rationality has finally exposed the president’s insincerity in battling Nigeria’s biggest problem-corruption.

If this was intended as coup de tat, it is a gross miscalculation which may end up a coup de grace on what is left of the president’s dwindling reputation because this blatant assault on our national sensibilities would have dire consequence on the nation’s image. A disbelieving world is already reacting with disgust and umbrage; Microsoft chairman, Bill Gates has cancelled his proposed visit to Nigeria in protest, and the United States is likely to cut aid to our country because of what is clearly the biggest blunder of the Jonathan Presidency. The western countries may sanction Nigeria for this politically naive decision.

The last time Nigeria was sanctioned by the international community was during the Abacha dictatorship when the nation became a pariah state. It is a tragedy that our democratically elected government is now taking the country on the same path of global isolation because of its revisionist policies.

Human memory may be short but many observers will recall that recently President Jonathan firmly restated his commitment to battle corruption after he was criticised for treating the country’s chief enemy with kid gloves. That is why his volte-face is sending shock waves across the world.

In the past, the President demonstrated an unusual capacity to ride over storms, he may find this one too hot to handle. This singular gaffe may ultimately become his albatross in his deft manoeuvre for his 2015 re-election ambition.

Already his party, the PDP realising the wider implications of this unpopular action has tried to feign ignorance of the decision before it was taken. This is like hiding behind one finger.

The PDP may be biting more than it can chew; it is presently embroiled in a major internal crisis over the 2015 ambitions of some of its heavy weights. It is also standing on a moral quick stand over the president’s action on Alams. It has many corruption scandals to contend with; as well as a number of unfinished businesses like the power project, infrastructural deficit, poor budget implementation, the debt burden etc. For Mr. President to grant clemency to a man whose anti-corruption trial generated global interest just a few years ago, is to put a presidential seal on corruption, and aggravate the battered image of his government and party. How his spin doctors will manage this remains to be seen.

Alams was pardoned alongside top military officers, Generals Shehu Musa Yar’dua, Tajuden Olanrewaju, Oladipo Diya, late Abdukarim Adisa etc. who were implicated in Gen. Sanni Abacha’s phantom coup. The President did this to give a semblance of humanity and genuine compassion to the entire exercise. But as Mr Jonathan has found out, the world cannot be fooled. You don’t mix the goats with the sheep in this way without getting an adverse reaction.

The widespread condemnation of the Abacha junta over the kangaroo trial of the alleged coupist and their subsequent conviction, forced the late Head of State to commute the death sentences of some of them to life imprisonment. The injustice in this exercise was apparent, even to its perpetrators. That was why the eccentric General caved in to worldwide pressure, and was unable to carry out the executions of those he put on death row before he died suddenly.

Therefore, the clemency granted to these military officers, whose commissions were abruptly terminated by their trail, was well deserved. But the lumping of the case of a man like Alams with those of these officers is to dent the entire exercise. It tends to diminish the merit of the pardon of these men. Their only consolation is the restoration of their benefits which this exercise confers. History may be less harsh in judging them as their case was a clear miscarriage of justice.

Most disturbing was the manner in which the whole episode of this Presidential pardon was packaged; it smacks of mischief. Pleas for clemency are made by applicants or by recommendations to the Committee for the Prerogative of Mercy, which is located in the office of the Attorney- General and Minister of Justice. The President then presents the recommendation to the National Council of States, NCS for deliberation.

In this case, it is doubtful if Mr Jonathan followed this protocol in the most appropriate way. However, the President can grant clemency to deserving persons at his own discretion. But not in an untoward manner, as this Alams case has turned out to be.
The NCS comprises former Heads of State, former chief Justices of the Federation, State governors, the leadership of the National Assembly and the Attorney-General of the Federation.

According to media reports, the Alams clemency issue was dealt with in a surreptitious manner. Some key members of the NCS, Gen Muhammedu Buhari, former Presidents Obasanjo and Ibrahim Babangida reportedly didn’t attend the meeting where the contentious decision was taken, having gotten wind of the move to pardon the ex-Bayelsa Governor. So, this Alams matter bears the exclusive signature of President Jonathan; he alone must take responsibility.
Chris Okotie, a Pastor-politician wrote form Lagos., follow on twitter @Revchrisokotie, 08078421451 (sms only)

The police in Kano averted a planned bomb attack as the command intercepted a bomb-laden Golf car and other dangerous weapons.
Other items recovered from the car include an AK 47 Rifle, Assault Rifle, 238 live ammunition of different caliber, Rocket Launcher, AK 47 Magazines, seven Turkey oil—stuffed with remote-control bombs, two cylinder remote-control devices, 14 hand grenades, four rolls of wire connector and 12 power source.
The IEDs and the Car (insert)

The IEDs and the Car (insert)

Commissioner of Police, Musa Daura, told reporters on Wednesday that the command, acting on
intelligence, engaged a group of terrorists in a gun battle on the outskirts of the city, injuring some of them and recovering abomb-laden Golf 3 vehicle, as well as arms and ammunition.
Daura said the occupants of the vehicle instantly opened fire upon sighting a police patrol van and a gun battle ensued,with the militants retreating after receiving bullet wounds.
The CP claimed that no policeman was hurt during the attack.
He said, “On Tuesday, on about 2130 hours, based on a tip-off, our men intercepted a Golf 3 Motor Vehicle with Reg. No. AG 701 KTN at an outskirt village here in Kano.
“The occupants of the vehicle on sighting the Patrol Vehicle opened fire and immediately, our men responded with superior power, which made the occupants to abandon their vehicle and escaped with bullet wounds.
“The intention of these hoodlums was to cause havoc and destabilize peace which will subsequently lead to economic and social sabotage in Kano state.
“However, my men sealed up the whole area with a view to identify and arrest the fleeing suspects.”

The Head of the Household of God Church and former presidential candidate, Chris Okotie, was so uncomfortable with journalists reporting his involvement in a suit that he asked the judge to chase journalists away from the court room.

The reverend stated this to a Lagos Magistrate Court Judge on Wednesday during a trial between him and a former member of his church.

Mr. Okotie is accusing Dafiaghor Okiotor, 40, a former keyboardist in the church, of blackmail and intimidation and trying to extort N39 million from him.

Mr. Okiotor, however, stated that the flamboyant head of the church owed him after he played the keyboard and produced music for the church for 14 years.

The accused had consistently debunked claims that he was a volunteer at the church, adding that he had a “private arrangement” with Mr. Okotie.

Okotie seeks journalists exit
As the trial continued on Wednesday, Mr. Okotie asked the magistrate to tell the reporters to “excuse’ them from the court.
“Your Honour, there are journalists in the court recording the proceedings. We would be obliged if they can be excused from the court,” said Kola Dopamu, who was holding brief for Mr. Okotie at the trial.

Robert Igbinedion, Mr. Okiotor’s counsel, demanded to know the reasons for asking the journalists to leave.

“What issue does it go to? You cannot eat your cake and have it. You were the ones who brought us to court. The court is a public place and setting where everybody, lawyers, journalists and even passersby come to unhindered as long as they don’t disrupt the proceedings,” Mr. Igbinedion said.
Oshodi Makanjuola, the magistrate, ignored the defence lawyer and told the journalists to “leave her court.”

“I know your people (journalists) are always around the court premises but why are you in this particular court proceeding?” Mrs. Makanjuola asked the journalists. “What is so special about this case that you want to cover the case? Please leave the court room.”
The magistrate also shouted at Mr. Igbinedion, who tried to oppose the order.
“Excuse me, I will not allow you to talk. I do not want journalists in my court. This is my court and I run it the way I so please. Who are you that journalists should be coming to cover your case? What nonsense!”

A shouting match
As the court orderly came forward to march the journalists out of the room, a shouting match ensued between the magistrate and the defence lawyer.
Court transcripts seen by PREMIUM TIMES detailed the heated verbal exchanges between the magistrate and the lawyer.
“Your Honour, you have no right to issue that order. The constitution is very clear about the freedom of the press and public hearing. By your action you have just trampled on the fundamental right of my client to a fair hearing,” Mr. Igbinedion said.
The magistrate fired back: “How dare you talk to me in that manner? So, it’s the journalists that would now ensure that his rights are protected?”
Mr. Igbinedion continued, “Your Honour, I’m sorry but you do not have the power to do that. You sit there operating with the powers that was given you by the constitution but you are trampling on the same constitution. Your action, if you insist, will rob I and my client of every confidence that we can get justice in this court. If you insist the journalists, who are the Fourth Estate of the realm, leave then I will have no choice but to leave also. You may as well pass your judgment without trial.”
As other lawyers in the court, visibly taken aback, tried to douse the tension in the room, a furious Mrs. Makanjuola insisted that the journalists would leave.
“How dare you talk to me like that? This is my court. Are you going to tell me how to run my court? Journalists please leave my court now,” Mrs. Makanjuola said.
At this point, the defence lawyer threatened to walk out with his client.
“Your Honour, my client is no longer assured of fair hearing. We do not have confidence in the court anymore. The court has ceased to be a public place. A place where everybody should have access especially members of the Fourth Estate of the realm,” said Mr. Igbinedion.

I can use my power anyhow
The argument and counter argument dragged on, the magistrate insisting that no law states that journalists must cover the proceedings of the court; the lawyer arguing that it was their fundamental right.
“I have the power to use my discretion to allow the journalists or not to allow the journalists. You have no right to tell me that journalists must be in my court,” the magistrate said.
Mr. Igbinedion started to flip the pages of the Nigerian Constitution, searching for the section that deals with the Freedom of the Press.
“Sorry, Your Honour, but your discretion cannot supersede the laws of the country… My client is facing a criminal charge brought against him by Mr. Chris Okotie who we all know is a billionaire. The constitution says that no part of the hearing can be conducted in secret. It must be open. If you will trample the constitution then we will lose confidence in the court.”
Mrs. Makanjuola asked the lawyer his reason for ‘bringing’ journalists to cover the court’s proceedings.
“Journalists often come to cover cases in court but why should they come for your matter? Who are you? I’m just wondering why you decided to bring a special journalist. What is so special about you and your case that journalists should come?” Mrs. Makanjuola asked.
Mr. Igbinedion responded that the matter is an oppression of the poor by the rich.

Okotie oppressed my client
“The constitution is here to protect everyone from oppression. Mr. Chris Okotie accused the defendant publicly. Now he wants the defendant to be tried secretly. My client has been maligned in the newspapers with headlines like: ‘Pianist assaults Reverend Chris Okotie;’ ‘Pianists attacks Chris Okotie while preaching;’ ‘Pianist disrupts Reverend Chris Okotie’s service;’ ‘Pianist threaten Reverend Chris Okotie.
“Google any of these headlines, you will find my client named as the anarchist. My client was in jail when these publications came out. My learned prosecutor granted an interview stating these to the press. Consequently, my client is finding it difficult to get jobs because no one is ready to give any job to a man who has been publicly portrayed to have assaulted his boss.
“When they were making all these allegations, the press was good and okay. Now we say give your evidence publicly, they now have a problem with the same press being around. We say no to that kind of oppression,” said Mr. Igbinedion.
The magistrate eventually asked the journalists to return, stating that she did not “have a personal interest in the matter.”
“So it’s the journalists that will ensure a fair hearing? Ok, call the journalists to come in since that is the way you think your client can have a fair hearing,” Mrs. Makanjuola said. “Let it not be [said] that I have any special interest in this matter,” she added.
Addressing the journalists, the magistrate urged them to be objective in their reporting of proceedings.
“I read Mass Communications before going to study Law. I hope you understand what I mean about being objective?” she said.