50 Recruits to 1 fish head…. a pathetic life at the Lagos Police College

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Help Line, Metro, Naija Scene, News, Security, Wicked World
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Following a glaring exposure on the deplorable conditions of the dormitories at the Nigerian Police College in Ikeja, Lagos, Channels TV has again revealed another facet of the embarrassing deprivation faced by Police recruits.

The TV crew was privileged to film a meal-time at the training college at Ikeja, Lagos. Cadets were seen struggling with small portions of food. About 50 trainees were seen sharing one head of fish.

the head of Fish that 50 Recruits were to share

the head of Fish that 50 Recruits were to share

The Deputy Commandant of the Police College, Ikeja, Jonah Mavah said that currently, the recruits get N150 daily meal allowance. “N50 per meal is too meager,” he said.

The scenario is not different from those in the six other police colleges in the country. The recruits had abandoned the dining halls and were seen sharing their meals and eating outside.Police Recruits 4

For a healthy young man required to have the energy to survive the intensive training of a law enforcement officer, it is ridiculous to expect him to feed on N150 per day. But unfortunately, this is what our Nigerian police recruits have to manage.

Police Recruits

Police Recruits 2

The Meals before serving


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