List of Nigerian Newspapers

Posted: December 19, 2012 in HMMMM, Naija Scene, News

List of Nigerian Newspapers

Nigerian newspapers are known for being entertaining and versatile although not as successful as their counterparts from all over the world. Here is a selection of the most widely read newspapers in Nigeria in order of sales and national spread.

1. Punch Newspaper

For many years the Punch newspaper has been the most widely read newspaper in Nigeria owing to its seeming appeal to the middle class and low income groups. The punch has a crop of highly professional staff who discharge their duties effectively making it one of the most respected media organizations in Nigeria. The newspaper focuses on human angle features and has no religious features in its stead.

2. Vanguard

The vanguard is the second most widely read newspaper in Nigeria. Although not as organized or efficient as the Punch, the Vanguard also has a team of professional staff. The Vanguard also focuses on human angle stories but has some features such as analysis of political issues and its Sunday editions are very rich in content.

3. Guardian

The Guardian is Nigeria’s most respected and influential newspaper and also the third most read newspaper in the country. It appeals to mostly the elite, expatriate and middle class segments of the Nigerian society. The Guardian is the most widely read newspaper only on Tuesdays and Thurdays because of its vacancy advertorials on both days. The Sunday edition is equally very popular as it contains some really rich features and articles.

4. Thisday

This day just like the Guardian is also highly respected at home but not as influential as the Guardian. Thisday is perhaps Nigeria’s richest newspaper with branches in South Africa and New York. Thisday staff are among the best paid and motivated staff in the industry. Like the Vanguard and the Guardian, Thisday also has a bumper filled Sunday edition with additional fashion and style magazine added to the regular paper.

5. Sun Newspaper

The so called Nigeria’s king of the tabloids, the sun is very popular with women folk and low income groups. It is a gossip centered newspaper that is noted for exaggerating its headlines or using sensationally bold headlines that create a hyped up impression about their news.

6. The Nation

The Nation is an efficient newspaper with some talented and skilled writers. It is a general interest newspaper but has greater readership with older, middle aged folks.

7. National Mirror

This is another Tabloid but not as widespread or successful as the sun newspaper. The National mirror is a little on the low side in terms of quality and delivery. Sometimes it reaches the news stands late.

8. Daily Trust

Abuja based Daily Trust Newspaper is the most influential newspaper in Northern Nigeria. It is mostly a political interest newspaper but also has additional features. Not as good as the likes of Thisday, Guardian, Punch and Vanguard in terms of quality and efficiency but popular with politicians of Northern Nigeria.

9. Daily Independent

A relatively small Newspaper in terms of national spread, the daily independent isn’t very impressive with articulate write-ups.

10. Tribune

The tribune is a fairly stable and efficient newspaper but isn’t in the class of the top four mentioned above.

11. Businessday

The Businessday newspaper is a business focused newspaper. It is a top quality newspaper which appears to enjoy the patronage of high end business executives.

12. The Compass

The compass is mostly a south west Nigerian based newspaper. It is relatively new but is fast rising.

All the above listed newspapers are dailies, published daily and have national spread with the exception of the compass which is not circulated in Northern Nigeria and daily Trust which is mostly circulated in the Northern region of Nigeria.


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