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One of the victims of the virginity test, that was allegedly conducted on female students of Ajuwon Senior High School, Ogun State, by their principal, has revealed her fears that she might have lost her virginity, in an interview with PUNCH.

The Victim

The Victim


Why did you choose to do the virginity test when some pupils ran away?

I did not choose to do the test. After I and other female Senior Secondary School one pupils lined up in front of her (Olufunke Aladeojobi’s) office, I fled the scene but she noticed it and sent people after us threatening to deal with us.
Why didn’t you explain to her that you were not interested in the test?
I explained to her that my parents would be mad at me if they got to know that I did such a test without their consent but she brought out a cane and threatened to beat me mercilessly.
What happened afterwards?
Our principal marched me into her office and the school’s nurse asked me to put off my pants and laid me on the bed. She wore a glove, spread my thigh and dipped a finger into my private part. The school nurse then told the principal who was beside her that I was a virgin.
What did your principal do after the nurse said you are a virgin?
The principal said I “should not open my thigh” to any boy or man. She subsequently gave me two Ogun State customised exercise books.
Did you lose blood?
Yes, I lost blood. I didn’t notice it initially. It was the next person who saw me while dressing up that told me that my pants were stained with blood. But, I can’t say if it was the blood from my menstrual period because my menstrual period just ended or the blood was as a result of the virginity test.
Did your principal know you lost blood?
She didn’t because I left the place almost immediately and she was busy attending to other pupils.
How did your parents get to know about the incident?
I washed my blood-stained pants when I got home. I didn’t initially want to tell my mum but she noticed that I was keeping to myself. When she now queried to know what was wrong with me, I explained everything to her.
Did your principal warn you against telling your parents?
No, she didn’t. But I wouldn’t know what she might do to me if she got to know that I told my parents about it because she is strict and we all fear her. That was why I felt reluctant to tell my parents.
How have you been feeling since you underwent the test?
I have been doing fine just that I’m not happy about the incident because my classmates have been looking down on me. They keep saying that we have been “disvirgined.” I feel ashamed of myself.
Are you a virgin?
Yes. I have not had sex before but with what everybody is saying I don’t know if I am still a virgin. I really wish I’m still one.

Barely 24 hours after images of a twin duplex under construction in Lekki Phase 1, where AY Makun and 2face Idibia will become neighbours emerged, the comedian has come out to clear the air about some misconceptions.

AY has insisted that he paid for the house and it is not part of an ambassadorship deal he has with Haven Homes.

Ay Makum and Tuface new Home

Ay Makum and Tuface new Home

“I did an advert for the company as one of their ambassadors and I was duly paid. I wasn’t given the house free. Who does that in Nigeria?” he asked in a chat with the NET.

“Even big international organisations don’t give as much for their ambassadors. I chose to buy the house because I realised that the company truly has the interest of its clients at heart and 2face decided to join me.”

AY refused to reveal the cost of the house, but it is believed it could cost up to N70 million, by the time it is completed.

Some times ago I was caught up in the frenzy of the events around me and really needed someone to talk to but, every other person was far. it was back in those days I had a mobile studio in my House. So I jumped into the Voice boot and started speaking to myself not knowing that the record button was on. I spoke for some minutes, then I started Praying. The words of my prayers sounded like I was gisting with someone else, off course I was. In the heat of my conversation with God, New Messages (Sermons) were born, New Songs were born and out of them came this Song. it was intended to be written in Spanish hence, the Spanish Title, but since my Spanish was not perfect then I wrote in English and since then it has been a blessing to me and my folks



The Federal High Court in Abuja on Thursday admitted in evidence, 200 explosives allegedly seized from four suspects of the Suleja bombing.

Justice Bilkisu Aliyu, upon receipt of the items in evidence, however, declined their custody.

“In view of the sensitivity of these items, I shall be directing the State Security Service (SSS) to take back to their armoury, where they are destined to be.

“A witness has narrated that the explosives contain radio-active elements and can bring down the entire Federal High Court when activated.

“I do not think we have the capacity to keep them,’’ he said.

Mr Michael Adebayo, an expert in Nuclear and Radio-Active Materials with the SSS, while giving evidence, said that the authorities of the SSS gave him the items in September to analyse.

He said the 200 pieces of electric detonators and two rolls of red cordex wires, switch and batteries were enough to dislodge buildings within 7,000 to 8,000 metre radiuses.

“I went through the elements and based on my experience I discovered that the items were Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs),’’ he said.

Mr Ola Ewa, another witness, said that he took custody of the items on July 20, 2011 in the state headquarters of the SSS in Kaduna.

Ewa, an SSS operative, said that four of the suspects and a Honda car and four mobile phones were further handed over to him.

Mr Alfred Ige, another SSS operative, while giving his evidence, said that he was privileged to record the items, saying: “the 200 electric detonators were, indeed, IEDs and the suspects had some targets’’.

An Army Officer had on 6 December told the court that the bomb components seized from four suspects of the Suleja bombing could produce 200 explosives.

In his evidence-in-chief, he testified that Salisu Ahmed, Umar Babagana-Umar, Mohammed Ali and Musa Adam, were arrested on July 28, 2011 at Gumel Junction, Kachia in Kaduna State with the items.

Umar Ibrahim and Shuaibu Abubakar were the others standing trial for the alleged multiple bombings and killings in the Suleja and Madalla bombings, both in Niger.

Meanwhile, the matter has been adjourned to 9 January 2013, for further hearing.

a Blog video, Little message for all most especially the Ministers of the Gospel of Christ……. Enjoy

Ministers at Worlds End Recorded in SSCR Dept. Mass Communication ABU Zaria.

I, Alex Cross

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Alex Cross is another bad Tyler Perry film, but the problem is Perry himself

Actor-director-producer’s success among black audiences is sucking the air out of the African-American movie conversation

Tyler Perry (Alex Cross)and Matthew Fox(Picasso) in the Movie

Tyler Perry (Alex Cross)and Matthew Fox(Picasso) in the Movie

So Tyler Perry is in yet another terrible movie? Stop the presses! Adjourn Congress! Declare martial law! Or just go back to sleep. Perry has been called “the KFC of black cinema” and “the worst film-maker in Hollywood” (by MSNBC talkshow host Touré), and widely lambasted for building an empire of cash on a body of work filled with self-hating and retrograde racial stereotypes of African-Americans. No less august a figure than Spike Lee has been moved to note that, “We got a black president, and we going back to Mantan Moreland and Slap’n’Eat?” (two noted mid-century black entertainers). Yet Tyler Perry is about the richest and most successful African-American entertainment impresario around: Berry Gordy-rich, Quincy Jones-ubiquitous, and a 100%-down home. His work doesn’t travel internationally, suggesting that it is far from universal, so most of his profits are made within America’s black community. Occasionally, his work is noted more widely, as with Precious, which he co-produced with Oprah Winfrey, one of the few media figures with whom he can be profitably compared.

What makes his latest movie, Alex Cross, unusual is that Perry has stepped out of his own self-created universe and made himself available for a project put together by others. Few in Hollywood have failed to notice the Tyler Perry magic touch, not least since he puts his name on everything he has a hand in.

So it was likely sooner or later that Perry would throw his hat in the ring for a shot at wider Hollywood stardom.

Well, that didn’t happen. Alex Cross, which tanked Stateside, is a spotty, ill-constructed reboot of the old Morgan Freeman franchise. Kiss The Girls was a very nifty opener, Along Came A Spider much less interesting, but nothing explains why the series has been fired up again. Perry is more often seen in grandma-drag as his most famous creation, nightmare-busybody Madea, so it’s like seeing Danny La Rue or some terrifying panto dame playing cop show. Amid the un-excitement and non-thrills, all we get is evidence that Matthew Fox, the movie’s only surprise, might one day have a nice future playing evil serial killers.

Big surprise: Alex Cross sucks. But there’s a wider problem with Perry in Hollywood. He is sucking all of the air out of the African-American conversation. Lazy and racist white studio execs automatically think that if Tyler Perry has a magic formula for emptying black ticket-buyers’ wallets, then that game is covered. One hears rumours of ambitious and intelligent projects by black film-makers and writers being shot down in flames three minutes into a pitch with a sentence beginning, “But Tyler Perry…”

Exactly. But Tyler Perry. Black cinema needs a new emperor-mogul.

  1. year: 2012
  2. Country: USA
  3. Cert (UK): 15
  4. Runtime: 101 mins
  5. Directors: Rob Cohen
  6. Cast: Cicely Tyson, Edward Burns, Giancarlo Esposito, Jean Reno, John C McGinley, Matthew Fox, Rachel Nichols, Rob Cohen, Tyler Perry

List of Nigerian Newspapers

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List of Nigerian Newspapers

Nigerian newspapers are known for being entertaining and versatile although not as successful as their counterparts from all over the world. Here is a selection of the most widely read newspapers in Nigeria in order of sales and national spread.

1. Punch Newspaper

For many years the Punch newspaper has been the most widely read newspaper in Nigeria owing to its seeming appeal to the middle class and low income groups. The punch has a crop of highly professional staff who discharge their duties effectively making it one of the most respected media organizations in Nigeria. The newspaper focuses on human angle features and has no religious features in its stead.

2. Vanguard

The vanguard is the second most widely read newspaper in Nigeria. Although not as organized or efficient as the Punch, the Vanguard also has a team of professional staff. The Vanguard also focuses on human angle stories but has some features such as analysis of political issues and its Sunday editions are very rich in content.

3. Guardian

The Guardian is Nigeria’s most respected and influential newspaper and also the third most read newspaper in the country. It appeals to mostly the elite, expatriate and middle class segments of the Nigerian society. The Guardian is the most widely read newspaper only on Tuesdays and Thurdays because of its vacancy advertorials on both days. The Sunday edition is equally very popular as it contains some really rich features and articles.

4. Thisday

This day just like the Guardian is also highly respected at home but not as influential as the Guardian. Thisday is perhaps Nigeria’s richest newspaper with branches in South Africa and New York. Thisday staff are among the best paid and motivated staff in the industry. Like the Vanguard and the Guardian, Thisday also has a bumper filled Sunday edition with additional fashion and style magazine added to the regular paper.

5. Sun Newspaper

The so called Nigeria’s king of the tabloids, the sun is very popular with women folk and low income groups. It is a gossip centered newspaper that is noted for exaggerating its headlines or using sensationally bold headlines that create a hyped up impression about their news.

6. The Nation

The Nation is an efficient newspaper with some talented and skilled writers. It is a general interest newspaper but has greater readership with older, middle aged folks.

7. National Mirror

This is another Tabloid but not as widespread or successful as the sun newspaper. The National mirror is a little on the low side in terms of quality and delivery. Sometimes it reaches the news stands late.

8. Daily Trust

Abuja based Daily Trust Newspaper is the most influential newspaper in Northern Nigeria. It is mostly a political interest newspaper but also has additional features. Not as good as the likes of Thisday, Guardian, Punch and Vanguard in terms of quality and efficiency but popular with politicians of Northern Nigeria.

9. Daily Independent

A relatively small Newspaper in terms of national spread, the daily independent isn’t very impressive with articulate write-ups.

10. Tribune

The tribune is a fairly stable and efficient newspaper but isn’t in the class of the top four mentioned above.

11. Businessday

The Businessday newspaper is a business focused newspaper. It is a top quality newspaper which appears to enjoy the patronage of high end business executives.

12. The Compass

The compass is mostly a south west Nigerian based newspaper. It is relatively new but is fast rising.

All the above listed newspapers are dailies, published daily and have national spread with the exception of the compass which is not circulated in Northern Nigeria and daily Trust which is mostly circulated in the Northern region of Nigeria.

Comrade Yinka Gbadebo has emerged the newly elected National Association of Nigerian Students’ (NANS) President at its just concluded 26th convention on Tuesday in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Student delegates from institutions of higher learning across Nigeria converged in Uyo on Thursday, December 13. In addition to electing new officials, the enlarged delegate conference was also expected to discuss the state of the

Freeman’s Lounge gathered from the just concluded convention that the delegates focused only on the elections without deliberating on Nigeria’s present situation.

A delegate who expressed his disappointment over the one-way traffic convention that did not
discuss current issues in the country referred to the convention as an “evidence of the level of degeneration in NANS.”

He emphasized that NANS has being representing the struggle for the liberation of Nigeria’s downtrodden and oppressed classes.

It will be recalled that NANS was established at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos in 1980 and has since served as the national umbrella body of all students’ unions in Nigeria.

Comrade Gbadebo led administration was however challenged to do its best in order to redeem the group’s image and return NANS to its glory days.

Security operatives in Enugu State apprehended and held hostage the correspondent of The PUNCH in the state, Ozioma Ubabukoh, on Saturday.

Ozioma Ubabukoh

Ozioma Ubabukoh

In this interview Ubabukoh recalled his experience in the hands of the security operatives

Men claiming to be from the State Security Service waylaid you on Saturday, what actually happened?

I was on my way home, about a quarter past 11pm, when seven men accosted me. As I drove into the close – Corporation Boulevard – where I live in Trans-Ekulu area of Enugu State, they blocked my car, thereby preventing me from moving further. Before I could ask what the matter was they asked me to open the doors of my car or they would get violent. I obeyed and two of them jumped into the car while the rest walked away.

They told me not to be scared and[b] that they wanted to ensure I would not write any story that night (Saturday) concerning the rumour of Governor Sullivan Chime’s death. They ordered me to drive into the compound and warned that I shouldn’t scream or they would get tough with me[/b]. They subsequently seized my BlackBerry and gave me the sim card.

They took me to my apartment where they ransacked my room and took away my laptop.

They told me they would wait at the staircase and leave at 3am, but would return my BB and laptop before doing so. They turned down my request to get water downstairs. They were still at the staircase when I contacted newsroom in Lagos, using my MTN sim card on an old Nokia phone. I was also able to reach out to some colleagues through my Visafone line.

What amazed me, however, was that the men knew I was reaching out to people. However, they warned me not to “try anything funny,” or they would deal “ruthlessly” with me. Shortly before 12.30am, they came in to tell me they were leaving but would return at 3am with my “property.” I was in suspense because I knew there was no way they would return since the contact door downstairs would be locked as well as the main gate.

Did they eventually return your BlackBerry and laptop?

They did. When I waited till 4am and there was no electricity supply, I went downstairs and switched on the generator. Not long after, I started charging my phones, someone called me with a hidden number to tell me that my BB and laptop were under my car. I hurried downstairs and indeed, found the phone and laptop under the car. The things were very dusty and the battery of the laptop had run down – they had obviously searched my documents.

You said one of them called you. Did you give them your phone number?

I didn’t give any of them my phone number. They never asked for it. How they got my phone number was yet another mystery.

Was there any proof from them to show that they were indeed from the SSS?

There was no proof. Before they came upstairs, I had inquired to know who they were. The taller of the two said they were from the State Security Service. I then asked for their identity cards, but he became angry, saying, “All the stories that you have been writing about the governor in Enugu, have you ever asked for peoples’ ID cards? You don’t ask for ID cards when you are doing your job, so allow me to do my job.”

When you first encountered them at the entrance of your close, why didn’t you attempt to reverse?

I almost did, but I couldn’t because the entrance to the close is very sloppy. Attempting to reverse would have caused an accident, or worsened the situation.

Would you recognise any of them?

Their command of the English language was impeccable. They wore mostly long sleeve T-shirts, jeans trousers, dark goggles, snickers to match and looked very neat. However, I have not come across any of them in the past. Well, I think I can recognise the huge, tall one who led the operation to my room. He is also a dark-skinned man.

Why do you think you were the only journalist that was harassed in Enugu State that fateful day?

The state government had earlier accused me of being vocal over Governor Sullivan Chime’s health status. The government in the past sponsored advertorials (October 18) on two national dailies against me, this was shortly after I broke the story on the governor’s health and his continuous absence from the state on October 14.

Was any other journalist harassed after Saturday’s incident?

No. No other journalist has been harassed since then.

a fist for all for the cops

a fist for all for the cops

Some Nigerian police officers on Tuesday afternoon engaged in a public brawl with officers of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps at Berger roundabout in Abuja.

witness, who did not want his name published, told PREMIUM TIMES that about ten police officers picked a fight with three Civil Defence officers because they felt the latter were interfering with their duty.

“The police officers were trying to stop a vehicle and the Civil Defence people came to interfere, then the police officers who were more in number attacked them and started beating them up.

“I saw an officer using a whip on the Civil Defence guy while another pointed a gun at him,” the witness said.

Another witness said there were sporadic gunshots with both parties lashing out at each other with whips.

“There were gunshots and then I saw a police officer flogging a Civil Defence officer with a whip while he was trying to run away,” the witness, who would also not like to be named, said.

The fierce fight caused a major traffic gridlock at Berger Roundabout up to Utako Area of Abuja.

PREMIUM TIMES learnt that it took the intervention of a Divisional Police Officer from Utako Police Station to resolve the fracas.

When contacted, the spokesperson of the Abuja Police Command, Doris England, said she is not aware of the situation and would make inquires about it.

Efforts to reach Ms. England later, proved abortive as she did not pick or return calls made to her phone.

It has only been about six months since members of the Civil Defence Corps were allowed to carry arms.

The federal government on June 13, approved the carrying of arms by officials of the civil defence.

They move, it was said, was to assist other security personnel in the security of lives and property in the country.