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Posted: November 22, 2012 in Hmmm, smh, weird News
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Shag at Uni

Tom Thurlow known for setting up a successful second-hand book business at the age of 13, has established a very controversial website called ‘’ to allow university students meet up for casual sex.

Thurlow who claims about 722 female students from Oxford university alone dominates the site encourages members to send each other racy messages and meet up for no-strings-attached sex.

Just like a Facebook profile, it allows users to post a which explicitly advertises what they are looking for in a sexual partner.

‘The site is aimed at 18-30s university students, college students and people who may be friends of students. We have seen a real boost from the Oxford students,’ he said.

‘I am not surprised. When I tour the country filming MTV Freshers the Oxford students are always the most wild.

‘They are always uptight in the day but by night they were always the craziest. It doesn’t surprise me they have the highest proportion of women looking for sex.’

Since its launch in October the site has attracted 26,933 members with 18,400 men and 8,533 women signing up for membership.

Daily Mail reports:

Sex-crazed students aged 18-30 can create revealing profiles supplying potential suitors with descriptions of themselves and their sexual preferences.

Some of the academic members even include naked self portraits and explicit details of where and how they like to have sex.

One of Oxford’s academic elite described as ‘voluptuous Sandra’, 19, describes her interests as role playing, home-made adult movies and goes into detail about her favourite sex acts.

Anyone can join the site and users do not need a university email address or tie to a university institution to enter the site.

Tom Thurlow

Mr Thurlow, who has never studied at University, said: ‘At uni it is all night parties, partying on a Monday, Wednesday never mind the weekends.

‘People don’t go to university anymore to learn, they just want to have a good time – and part of that is having lots of sex.

‘I think the reason the site is so popular is that students don’t want commitment and they just want a casual lifestyle.

‘The site is what it is, people hunting for sex and they can approach it however they want through the site.

‘We offer all our members advice for meet-ups expressing how important it is to do the meet and greet in a public place.

‘It is important that our online members are safe.’

Membership is a one off £5 for men and free for women giving users the chance to message each other, “wink” at each other and arrange to meet.

The National Union of Students said today that people should consider their sexual health if getting involved.

#University students sexual practice is entirely a personal choice. The main consideration for the NUS is of course “safety first” and safe sex information is available from most Students Unions,’ a spokesman said.

Photo: Daily Mail


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