70-Years-Old Man Convicted For Defiling 5-Years-Old Girl

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Crime, Help Line, Hmmm, Metro, Security
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Mr Pius Agu, a 70 year old man, has been sentenced to two years in prison for defiling a five-year old girl in Benin, Edo State.Mr Pius Agu was charged with 2 year imprisonment under the Section 360 of the Criminal Code, for any person who illegally and offensively assault a woman or a girl. He was sentenced with hard labor by the Oredo Magistrate court in Benin. Though he pleaded not guilty but he was found guilty for putting his finger into the small girl’s private part on 15 August 2012 when she went into his apartment to watch television. The mother of the little girl said that when she came back from the market, she saw her little angel crying and would say anything but when she observe her thoroughly she saw blood coming out from her private part and she screamed before people came to the sight. “We noticed some bruises on the wall of her private with a hole on the anal which means he has vigorously penetrated her private” says a Doctor at the hospital where she was treated.

Stop Rape


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