The President didn’t Lie but spoke based on Notorious Facts.

Posted: October 2, 2012 in News, Press Release, State House
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Mr. President’s Statement Was
Based on Notorious Facts
(Press statement)

Our attention has been drawn to reports from some opposition leaning media houses alleging that Mr. President made some false claims about Nigeria’s standing in this year’s Transparency International anti corruption rating. As is the practice worldwide, we accept the premise that whatever is published in the media and goes unchallenged is the truth.
On this issue, the media published their synopsis of the
most recent Transparency International report and BusinessDay, a well respected newspaper with a bias for business reporting in a headline on the 12th of September 2012
with the title “FG’s anti-corruption initiative impacts Nigeria’s global perception” said “The survey on global corruption perceptions for 2011 versus 2001 showed that the third best improvement in the world was in Nigeria, with its score improving by 1.5 points”.

The above quoted comments were relied upon in coming to the conclusion that Mr. President honestly came to in good faith.
To this day, Transparency International has not disputed the findings of BusinessDay.

For a section of the opposition, to now cast aspersions on the integrity of the President when he relied on notorious facts (anything published in the press and which remains unchallenged is a notorious fact) is proof positive of the now obvious fact that they lack ideas on how to move Nigeria forward and would rather snipe at efforts of the President to move the nation forward for which any patriot would do.

In conclusion the President acted in good faith and his statement was based on notorious facts and are evidenced by recent breakthroughs in fighting corruption in the oil industry, where subsidy fraud suspects are already facing trial as well as
in the Agricultural Sector where decades old corrupt practices in the fertilizer distribution network
have been eradicated via the voucher system which cuts off
the middle man.

Signed by
Reno Omokri, SA to the President on New Media

This statement was culled from Labaran Maku’s facebook
page. Labaran Maku is the Nigerian Minister of Information.


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