Police kicked woman in the genitals to death.

Posted: September 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

When rap group NWA made the controversial song “F*ck the Police”, it was viewed by black people, especially those living in L.A., as a protest song. Many who’d lived there, and seen close up what LAPD was capable of, understood very well what NWA was trying to communicate with that song. But like everything black and honest, the song was derided by mainstream America as unpatriotic and slanderous.

Maybe the broader community should’ve
listened to the protest song, because here we are in 2012, and several LAPD officers are being investigated for kicking a woman
in the genitals, resulting in her death.

It all began when police attempted to
arrest Alesia Thomas for child endangerment and Thomas allegedly
resisted arrest. A female officer kicked
Thomas in the genitals when she refused to be placed in the patrol car, and video from the incident shows Thomas struggling to
breathe once placed in the back of the
patrol car. Thomas later died from
suffocation at the hospital. Of course, the first police report made no mention of
Thomas being kicked in the genitals.
“I take all in-custody death investigations
very seriously and directed the officers
involved be removed from field duties until
further details are known, including what part intoxicants and physical conditions
contributed,” a statement from LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said.

It would seem that LAPD cops are as out of control now as they were in 1988, when the NWA song was released.


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